Tennis Betting

Tennis is a sport often overlooked by the majority of sports handicappers because they don’t know much about the sport. If you take a minute to learn about betting on tennis you’d find out that it’s a very profitable way to make money. Sportbooks love to focus on the sports that make them the most money, which includes football, soccer and a few others. They don’t receive nearly as much action on tennis and therefore don’t spend nearly as much time handicapping every match-up they post odds for.

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Sportsbooks typically have very loose lines in tennis and if you understand the basic principles of sports handicapping then you’ll be able to walk away a winner every single year. If you don’t know that much about tennis other then a few names like Roger Federer and Nadal then you should spend some time learning the ATP Tour and WTA Tour.

ATP stands for Association of Tennis Professionals and is responsible for organizing the men’s tennis tour every year. WTA stands for Women’s Tennis Association and it set-ups the ladies events every year. Both associations are in place to ensure that tennis players are protected and have done a great job at always ensuring the players are taken care of at all costs.

Generally new tennis handicappers should focus on the major tennis events every year. You don’t want to start betting on the smaller events because chances are you’ve never even heard of the tennis players you’re betting on and you’ll either be guessing or going with someone else’s word. Using other handicapper’s picks can be a smart idea, but only when you’re getting them from a reputable handicapper in the sport you’re looking to bet on.

The four major tennis tournaments every year take place between the months of January – September. If you handicap the match-ups during these Grand Slam events then you can easily win a nice amount of money every year in tennis. I’ve listed the events you should focus on below and you can also click the link to be taken to a more detailed page about betting on the specific tournament.

· Australian Open – January 18th – January 31st

· French Open – May 23rd – June 6th

· Wimbledon – June 21st – July 4th

· US Open – August 30th – September 12th

Types of Tennis Bets

There are a lot of different ways to bet on tennis including betting on the player or team you think is going to win the match. You can also bet on single points, sets and games in tennis at some of the major sportbooks. Tennis bets can also be parlayed together on the same ticket to increase the payout odds if you’d like, but remember every outcome on the ticket needs to be right. Tennis is also a popular sport for futures bet since you can bet on whom you think will win a tournament before it even begins. Unlike some sports, when you bet on a tennis futures bet your money is only locked up for a couple weeks typically rather then months.

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