Golf Betting

Golf is one of the few sports that is popular no matter where you are in the world. Everyone loves playing golf and the majority of people don’t mind watching golf either. One way to make golf more exciting is by betting on the events with below online sportsbooks offering the best golf odds out there. There are plenty of ways to bet on golf tournaments and we’re going to take a look at each of the ways you can bet on the sport. If you know a little about golf then it’s easy to walk away with some profit every weekend of the golfing season.

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Types of Golf Bets

There are quite a few ways to bet on golf including several types of bets that you’ll only be able to find available on certain online sportbooks. Some sportbooks have exotic bets available in golf whereas some of the smaller bookies will only offer straight wagers for golf tournaments such as the PGA Championship.

· Betting on the golfer that you think is going to win the tournament is the simplest way to bet on golf and every bookie will allow you to make this type of bet. You can also pick the golfer that you think will have the best single round if you want with some sportbooks. Most sportbooks will also provide match-up bets, which is where you need to pick the golfer you think will perform the best out of a group of 2-6 golfers.

· Another way to bet on golf is with parlays. With a parlay bet, you’ll need to wager on more then 1 outcome on the same bet. If you like 2 different match-up bets, you can put them on the same parlay ticket and it will increase your payout odds considerably. Both golfers will need to win their match-up in order for you to win your bet though.

· As I mentioned some sportbooks will also offer exotic bets for golfing such as whether or not there will be a hole in one sometime during the tournament or round of golf. These types of bets are often based more on luck then anything else, but they can still provide a great way to bet on golf.

Golf Betting Tips

I personally spend my time handicapping golfing match-ups because these are the easiest types of bets to win. Some sportbooks provide golfing match-ups between only two golfers, which means you have a 50% chance of winning your bet. If you follow golf and know when golfers are on form and when they’re not, you’ll easily be able to pick out a few match-up bets every week that you’re confident betting on.

Some of the best tournaments to find good odds would be US Open, US Masters, British Open and of course we never miss out on the Ryder Cup betting.

Betting on the golfer you think is going to win the tournament is a great way to have a nice payday if you win, but trying to win this type of bet with any consistently is going to be extremely hard. There are about a handful of golfers that could win any event on any given weekend, which makes selecting the winner of an event really hard and more based on luck. If you’re serious about winning money then you need to be selective about the bets you make in golf.