Tennis Betting Odds

Tennis is a great sport to bet on for several reasons. One of the reasons is because of the fact you only need to handicap two tennis players in order to make your wager whereas in other sports you typically need to look at an entire team of players with strengths and weaknesses. The great thing about betting on tennis is that it’s the same as any other sport in terms of how you need to read the odds. All odds are posted in moneyline format with the majority of online sportbooks that you’ll bet with.

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One thing you’re going to definitely experience when you’re betting on tennis is a lot of juice, especially if you like betting on the players that are expected to win the match. If you want to avoid risking a lot of juice then you need to stay away from a lot of the early round match-ups in most tournaments since most match-ups aren’t typically that even. Risking juice in tennis is fine if you keep it within the –200 – -300 range, but once you start getting over that amount it almost becomes not worth the risk.

Tennis Odds

We’re going to take a look at a common type of tennis bet briefly to show you exactly how to read the odds. It’ll only take a few minutes to learn and once you know how to read tennis odds you can start betting.

· Roger Federer +160 vs. Rafael Nadal –130

The player with the – sign is always the favourite when you’re looking at a tennis wager and the – sign also means that you’ll be risking juice on the wager. If both tennis players have a – sign in front of their odds then the player with the highest number after the sign is the favourite although it also means that the sportbooks expect an extremely close match-up.

To bet on Nadal in this match-up you’d need to wager $130 to win $100. Federer is the underdog in this match and therefore you’d receive plus money on any amount that you bet. For instance, if you were to simply bet $100 you’d win $160 if Federer ends up winning the match. The odds are much better for Federer, but that’s simply because the bookies expect both of these players to play a very tight game.

One way to bet on heavy favourites in tennis is to parlay them together. You’ll lower the amount of juice you need to pay and if you have enough matches on the same parlay then you may even be able to turn several favourites into a plus money payout. Don’t get greedy though because if you start betting too many matches you’ll end up losing one of them a lot of the time. Another way to bet on tennis with low juice is by betting on it live. You’ll be able to bet on single points if you want and although this is more of a coin flip then anything, it can be profitable if you pick your spots wisely.

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