Low Rake Poker Sites

If you haven’t played poker before you may not understand what the term rake means, but it’s important that you learn what the term means quickly because it could save you a lot of money. Poker sites make their money by taking a rake from almost every single hand that is played in their poker room. By reading through this guide you can easily save yourself a lot of money and you’ll definitely notice your bankroll increasing in size regardless of whether you’re doing better or not.

Low Rake Poker Sites

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What is Rake?

The rake is a small percentage of money taken out from the majority of pots played in online poker rooms. Poker rooms make their money by taking this rake and without it they wouldn’t be able to operate. The amount of rake taken from the pot will vary based on the stakes you’re playing at and how many people are playing in the hand. Each poker site sets their own rake structure, which means that some poker rooms charge more rake then others. In order to make sure you’re keeping the majority of your profits you should play with one of the low rake poker sites that we’re going to take a look at.

If you’re playing on a $1/$2 cash game table than you can expect the maximum rake to be $1 in most cases. Most poker sites charge $.25 rake for every $5 in the pot at these stakes, which is very competitive. You typically don’t notice a lot of savings from the rake until you start moving up and playing higher staked games. Poker sites want to keep all of their high stake players as happy as they can so that they remain loyal and one way of doing that is by offering the lowest rake possible to those players.

When you compare the rake taken from an online poker site and land-based casino you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that online poker rooms charge less rake. There are a lot fewer costs involved in running an online poker room so they can afford to charge less rake than what you’d expect to pay at a poker table in Vegas. If you’re a casual poker player the amount of rake you pay isn’t going to matter that much, but if you’re a regular player than it’s important to find the lowest rake poker sites available.

Which Poker Site has the Lowest Rake?

Although most of the big poker sites have the same rake structure for the most part, UB stands out amongst the rest of the poker sites on the market when you look at the rake structure. If you’re playing shorthanded tables with 2-3 players only you’ll notice a lot of savings due to the beneficial rake structure at UB. UB Poker also charges the lowest rake on high limit games, which makes them one of the best choices if you’re looking for an online poker room. UB offers new players a huge bonus of up to $1100, which will help you offset the money you lose from paying rake.