NHL Betting

The NHL is the most popular professional hockey league in the world and although there are other international hockey leagues, they don’t come close to the popularity of the NHL. Millions of fans from Canada, United States and several other countries in the world watch the NHL every year. A lot of people also wager on the NHL, but I’ll tell you right now that it’s a fairly hard sport to win money in consistently unless you really research your bets everyday.

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Every season the majority of teams in the league end up with roughly the same record. A few teams typically end up with a lot more wins then most teams and there are also a few teams that lose more games then the majority of teams, but for the most part teams finish with similar records. A team might dominate one night in the NHL and then the very next night lose against one of the weaker teams in the league.

Betting underdogs is often the best choice in the NHL and if you can find a few underdogs every night it isn’t that difficult to post a profit. By betting favourites you need to win a bigger percentage of your bets then if you were betting underdogs and in the NHL there are often plenty of favourites with –200 or higher NHL odds.

NHL Bets

· Moneyline Bets – Select the team you think will win the game

· Puckline Bets – Select a team to win by –1.5 goals or not to lose by +1.5 goals

· Over/Under – Select whether both teams will score more or less goals then the posted goal total

· Parlays – Select 2-12 outcomes on the same bet

· Props – Bet on outcomes such as over/under on shots and whether or not a player will score

· Futures – Bet on outcomes such as picking division winners or the Stanley Cup winner

NHL Betting Tips

Betting the NHL consistently every night is difficult so initially you should try picking your spots. Keep your picks limited to only your top plays and see what type of winning percentage you can achieve. Once you’re winning over 50% of your bets and making some money you can look at adding some more bets into your card every night, but only if you have a good reason to make the extra wagers.

Teams in the NHL are often very streaky, which makes it important to find recent trends quickly. If you can pick up on a trend after a couple games you may be able to ride the streak for a few wins before it’s over. Home ice is also huge in the NHL and teams typically perform on average at home throughout the season then they do on the road.

One thing that’s important to look at every night before placing your bets is the starting line-ups. Teams often make a few changes every few nights to either mix things up or allow a couple of their players to have some rest. Injuries are also important to follow, as it’s vital to know when key players are out on a team you’re thinking about betting on.

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