Sportsbook Poker Ubuntu – Play at Sportsbook on Linux

Ubuntu is an up and coming operating system that more and more people seem to be using on their computers. With the influx of people using the Ubuntu operating system poker sites have been working at providing ways for players to play. While poker sites are finding a way to provide Ubuntu users with a usable software platform, there is still one way that poker players are able to play online poker while running on Ubuntu.

Sportsbook Runs Great On Ubuntu

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  • How to Play Sportsbook Poker on Ubuntu

Before you do anything you need to download a program named Wine. Wine is a program that runs on Ubuntu and is a Windows emulator, which in simple terms means that you’ll be able to run Windows software on your Ubuntu computer. After you’re done downloading Wine you should head over to and visit the poker download page. You need to make sure that you save the download files to your computer rather then downloading them directly from the website.

At this point you need to run the .exe file from Sportsbook Poker and download the software to your computer. It’s best to run the recommended installation so that you don’t need to worry about messing anything up. After you’ve downloaded the software to your computer you need to simply move the Sportsbook Poker software into the Wine directory. Once you’ve done this you should be able to run Sportsbook Poker inside of the Wine program. Since Wine is a Windows emulator you’ll be able to use all of the features on the software such as playing on multiple tables.

As of right now this is the only way to play Sportsbook Poker using Ubuntu, but it’s also a very effective way to play. You may experience some lag while playing poker using Wine, but for the most part I’ve experienced that the software runs smoothly without very many interruptions. If you only play one table at a time then you really shouldn’t have problems, but if you start playing a lot of tables at the same time you might start to freeze.

Sportsbook Poker offers five different poker games, which includes Texas Holdem, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. Even though you’re playing on Ubuntu you’ll still be able to play all five of the poker games listed above in cash game format and tournament format. There are quite a few different types of tournaments that you can play as well, so you’ll definitely be able to keep busy while playing Sportsbook Poker on Ubuntu.

  • Sportsbook Poker Bonus

If you’ve never played before at Sportsbook Poker then you’ll be able to participate in the sign-up bonus promotion. On your 1st deposit you’ll earn a 100% match bonus for up to $600, which means if you deposit $500 you’ll receive a $500 bonus. The bonus will need to be cleared by playing poker, but it doesn’t take very long. Players that make a small deposit will be able to receive a $250 instant bonus with no minimum deposit, which means if you deposit $50 you’ll still have the chance to earn a $250 bonus.