Real Money iPad Bingo

The Apple iPad is one of the most popular new technologies right now and if you haven’t tried one out you’re missing out. The iPad is a tablet computer that’s much smaller than a laptop, but still bigger than a mobile device. Apple recently released the iPad 2, which is smaller and quicker than the 1st version of the tablet computer. Now that most of the kinks have been worked out I’m sure even more people will start jumping on the Apple iPad bandwagon.

Play iPad Bingo

One of the things that you can do with your iPad is access the internet and play online bingo. In order to play bingo on your iPad you need to download an application created by the bingo site, but the trouble is most bingo sites don’t have an iPad app. While I fully expect more bingo sites to release iPad compatible apps in the future right now your options are really limited. The only iPad bingo site that I’ve used without any problems is mFortune Bingo. They offer a full range of mobile bingo and casino games.

Most of the real money iPad bingo applications that I’ve tried haven’t worked that well, but the Mecca Bingo is amazing. 888 Ladies Bingo is already one of the most popular bingo operators online and throughout the UK, as they run tons of retail bingo clubs. You can download the 888 Ladies Bingo iPad app for free by visiting iTunes and searching “888 Bingo”. Once you download the app to your iPad you can start playing bingo as long as you have an account with 888 Ladies Bingo. If you don’t have an account with Mecca Bingo you can sign-up for a free account by using our links. Once the Mecca Bingo app is installed you can start playing bingo for real money on your iPad.

Mecca Bingo iPad Features

Currently you can only play in 90-ball bingo games using the iPad app at Mecca Bingo, but you get to play against all of the people that play online, which means there are games running 24/7.

Mecca Bingo implemented a great chat feature and have even added some quick chat buttons to make it easier to chat and play bingo at the same time on your iPad.

One of the restrictions of the iPad app at 888 Bingo is the fact that you need to be in the UK or Ireland in order to use this app. 888 Bingo accepts online bingo players from countries around the world (except US bingo players), but you need to be in the UK or Ireland in order to use the app and it’s confirmed based on the GPS of your iPad.

The best feature is that you can prepay for your bingo cards using the 888 Bingo app. This is the best way to play because that way you don’t need to worry about missing any bingo games you want to play. As long as you buy the bingo cards you’ll be rewarded with any of the winnings that you earn during the games even if you’re not present due to a connection issue or anything similar.