Fair Online Casino Sites

How do you define a fair casino site? In my eyes a fair online casino is one that has a payout percentage that is in line with or better than brick and mortar casinos. One other concern would be the trustworthiness of the casino. If a casino claims to have a 98.9% payout percentage, how do you know that it is true? Another factor I would look at is their bonus and cashout policies. Some online casinos will make cashing out when you are winning virtually impossible due to unfair bonus requirements. There are many bonus abusers that hop from casino to casino so I understand why they have to protect themselves, but the average casino enthusiast should not have to suffer due to the actions of a few. In this article I will look at these factors and figure out which casino sites are the fairest.

#Brand Bonus OfferReady To Play?
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2.spinpalace 100% up to $2,000 Play Ignition Casino
3.spinpalace 100% up to $3,000 Play Bovada Casino

Fair Casino Payout Percentages & Validation

A payout percentage is basically the amount a casino pays out for every $1 bet. If a casino site or a specific game has a payout percentage of 97% that means for every $1 wagered they make $.03. Some games have a high payout percentage while others do not. A casinos overall payout percentage is based on the average for all of their games. There are several fair casino gambling accreditation agencies that test the casinos software and calculate the payout percentages. Some casinos do not specify which independent company monitors their software. That does not necessarily mean that they are not being honest though. Mainstream casino sites are usually pretty trustworthy in this regard, otherwise they wouldn’t be that popular. Here are the overall payout percentages at the top three U.S. and European online casinos. We have also listed the most trusted casinos on the internet.

U.S. Online Casinos

Winpalace Casino – WinPalace claims to have an overall payout percentage of 98%. I am not aware of who actually determined this so that is why they are at the bottom of this list. Winpalace is a popular casino so I doubt that they are being dishonest, but the lack of proof seems strange.

European Online Casinos

Bet365 – On Bet365′s casino home page you will find a Technical Systems (TST) seal, a top independent accreditation company for both online and offline casinos. This seal is actually linked to their TST certification page, and it displays the payout percentages for the different games offered at the Bet365 casino as well as the overall payout percentage which is 97.44%.

Ladbrokes – The casino at Ladbrokes is certified by eCogra, a leading fair gambling advocate. They have a payout percentage of 97.11% and are their software is re-tested on a monthly basis.

The average brick and mortar casino has an average payout percent ranging from 95.5% – 96.5%. This means that it is easier to win money at the online casinos listed above than at your local casino. These percentages will change from game to game and you will need to play perfectly to receive them. At GoCasino the payout percentage for Blackjack is 98.861% while slot games are 94.178%. That should give you an idea on how much a percentage can change from game to game. A fair casino should have a payout percent of 95% or higher.

Fair Casino Bonus Policies

Online casino deposit bonuses are often very misleading. Every casino has a different bonus policy and some are far from fair. There are many rules and requirements when clearing a casino bonus. Some casinos will allow you to play with the bonus money and will let you keep any winnings as long as you meet the requirements. Below I have provided an overview of the bonus policies for the casino sites listed above.

U.S. Casinos

Sportsbook Casino – Sportsbook offers a 10% match bonus on your first deposit. This may be one of the small bonuses in the online casino world, but it is by far the fairest. Other casino bonuses make it virtually impossible for players to win money and cashout. These bonuses may be worth thousands of dollars, but what is the point if you have to play for months before cashing out? This 10% bonus is small but practical. You will need to wager 35X the amount of the bonus before you can cash it out. Most casinos exclude the bulk of their table games in regards to what counts towards clearing the bonus. Sportsbook only restricts Craps and Roulette. That is basically the only rule. If you deposit $200 you will receive a $20 bonus. Even if you go on the worst run of your life and lose the $200 and the $20 bonus, you will likely have cleared the bonus already. It may be a fraction of what other casinos offer but this is a very fair bonus.

Winpalace – The bonus policy at Winpalace is about average. You need to wager 35X the amount of the deposit and bonus amount. The games excluded include Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Sic Bo, Bingo and poker. Wagers at Blackjack and a few table and video poker games will count a a rate of 25%. So if you wager $1,000 in Blackjack it would be the equivalent of wagering $250 on a slot machine. Overall, their bonus policy is not the best nor the worst. They offer custom tailored bonuses for slot machine, Blackjack, highrollers and video poker players so if you mostly play one type of game you will be able to receive a fairer bonus. The requirements listed above are for their 200% match up to $1,000 which is a general bonus.

GoCasino – GoCasino offers huge bonuses and a small wager requirement, but only people who play certain games will think this bonus is fair. They offer bonuses on your first 20 deposits for a possible total of $20,000. Size is meaningless in the world of casino site bonuses, but this casino seems to be one of the few to offer huge bonuses and have a relatively small play-through requirement, but there are plenty of strings attached. To keep things simple I will only cover the requirements for the first bonus. The first deposit bonus is a 100% match up to $1,000. You will need to wager 10X the amount of your first deposit and your bonus to clear it. So if you deposited $200 you would have to wager $4,000.

GoCasino handles bonuses in a unique way. The bonus money will be placed in your bonus account, but you can wager it immediately. Let’s say you bet $10 on a slot machine. They will use $10 from your bonus account. If you win $20 they will place the original $10 back into your bonus account and place the other $10 in your real money account. That is a fair way to handle bonuses, but there are some things I do not find fair. The possible $20,000 in bonuses on your first 20 deposits can be misleading. Those bonuses will expire within 30 days so most players only see 2-3 of them at most. The worst part of this bonus is that if it is not cleared and you play at virtually any table game they reserve the right to void any winnings, and if you lose there are no refunds. So if you deposited $200 and won $1,000 playing Blackjack they can just take the $1,000 away from you if the bonus wasn’t completely cleared before you started playing Blackjack. Most casinos do not count games that have a low house edge, but this is somewhat extreme. If you are a slots player this is a great bonus, but table game players will not find it very attractive.

European Casinos

Bet365 – Bet365 offers three different bonus packages to new players. The standard bonus is a 100% up to $200 and I will use the requirements of that one in this overview. You will need to wager 20X the amount of your initial deposit and the bonus before you can cash any of the bonus money out. Almost every casino game will count towards clearing the bonus, but they will clear it at different ratios. Slots wagers will count at 100% while Blackjack will count at 10%.

William Hill – William Hill also offers new players several bonus packages to choose from. The standard bonus is a 100% match up to £150. Slots and scratch card wagers clear at 100% and the rest range from 5% to 25%. Blackjack wagers count at 20% in regards to the clearance requirements.

Ladbrokes – This casino offers new players a 100% match up to €/£200. You will need to wager 20X the amount of the bonus. Blackjack wagers will not count, but most other games will count at 50% to 100%.