Soccer Betting

There are dozens of soccer leagues around the world that you can wager on using an online sportsbook. Without question, soccer is the most wagered on sporting event in the world. Millions of people bet on soccer matches every year on a regular basis and there is a lot of money to be made if you know what you’re doing. If you’re just starting to bet on soccer the first thing you want to do is set-up a plan of attack. If you want to try and make an extra $50 a week you should stick to your plan until you consistently make $50 a week and than you can move up limits if you want.

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A lot of the people that bet on soccer tend to stick with the major leagues such as the Premier League and Champions League. I find that these leagues are the easiest to bet on because there is a lot of information available online. However, some of the smaller leagues such as Serie A and also La Liga betting can be good because the oddsmakers don’t spend as much time handicapping the smaller soccer leagues. No matter what soccer leagues you decide to wager on, you need to make sure that you follow the leagues as well as avoid betting on other soccer leagues that you don’t follow because it’s typically a waste of money.

How to Read Soccer Odds?

Manchester United -120 vs. Manchester City +300 Draw +235

Soccer is one of the few sports that you can bet on where you need to worry about a draw. When you bet on soccer using moneyline odds you need to look at the sign in front of the odds. When you see a (-) sign it means that you need to pay juice whereas the (-) sign means you’ll receive more profit then your actual bet. If you take a look at the example above Manchester United is the favoured team at –120 odds, which means you’d need to bet $12 to win $10. If you bet on Manchester City you’d receive $30 profit for every $10 you wager if they were to win the game. If you bet on the draw and the match ended in a tie you’d win $23.50 for every $10 that you bet on the wager.

Types of Soccer Bets

Soccer offers a lot of betting opportunities for sports handicappers, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. You can wager on the team you think is going to win the game using moneyline odds as well as a point spread. When you bet on a point spread in soccer it’s known as the Asian handicap. You can also bet on the over/under in a soccer game and prop bets. Prop bets include choosing the player who’ll score first, choosing the team who’ll end up with the most flags and many more. If you want to have the chance to win a lot of money on a small wager you can also bet on a parlay, which is a bet where you need to select multiple outcomes on the same betting ticket and they all need to win.