Online Backgammon

Backgammon has a history that dates back roughly 5000 years and it’s one of the oldest board games in the world. To play the game of backgammon players only need a board, dice and gammons. Backgammon is played in regions all around the world, but certain regions use different rules than other regions. If you usually play an uncommon variation of backgammon you may not be able to play it online although several variations are available on some of the online backgammon sites.

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Online Backgammon History

The very first online backgammon game was released in 1992 and it’s still online today. Backgammon isn’t that popular in countries like the USA and Canada, but there are a lot of international players. Today there are 1000’s of backgammon players that play online on a daily basis and there is plenty of money to be made. While most sites offer free backgammon games there are a few online backgammon sites where you can play against other people for real money.

Online Backgammon for Real Money

While the number of online backgammon players isn’t even close to the number of online poker players you can still find online backgammon games running most of the day. Most of the online backgammon games have low stakes, but if you’re a veteran player that are a few sites that have higher staked backgammon games running regularly. The competition at any stakes above $20 is going to be tough and you should be an experienced player that has an understanding of backgammon strategy.

Backgammon is similar to poker in some ways because the game requires a bit of luck and lots of skill. The luck aspect of the game comes into play when you’re rolling the dice because no matter how good you are, you won’t be able to win if you can’t put a couple good rolls of the dice together. Most online backgammon sites let you play single play games and match play games although the bigger sites also offer special variations such as hyper-backgammon (3 Checker Backgammon Game).

Online Backgammon Tournaments

You can play real money and play money backgammon tournaments online and even some of the freeroll tournaments will have small prize pools depending on where you decide to play. Backgammon tournaments are a lot of fun and you get more bang for your buck if you make it past the 1st round. You’ll also play against weaker opponents in backgammon tournaments for the most part because they’re marketed towards new players.

If you’re an experienced backgammon player and think you can compete against other players there is a lot of money to be made in this industry. Most online backgammon players aren’t that talented and don’t even understand the basic fundamentals of the board game. One way to practice backgammon is by playing against a computer or robot player before you start playing against other real people around the world for real money.