Fishiest Poker Sites

In this guide we’re going to walkthrough a small list of the fishiest poker sites. Every online poker player has at least one thing in common and that’s the fact that we all want to make money. One of the ways to set yourself up for a profitable session at the poker tables is by choosing the best players to play against. The last thing you want to do when you’re playing poker is be on the same table as a bunch of sharks. Before we look at the easiest poker sites we need to quickly take a look at what a fish is for those of you that don’t already know.

Fishiest Poker Sites

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What is a Fish?

In poker the term fish refers to a poker player that loses a lot of money and makes a ton of bad decisions. If someone calls you a fish at the poker table it means they think you’re a terrible player and an easy target.

What are the Fishiest Poker Sites

Now that everyone knows what a fish is, it’s time to take a look at the fishiest poker sites. When you’re trying to find a poker room with a lot of fish players you need to look at several factors including the traffic in the poker room, where most of the poker players come from and how many new players are in the poker room. Typically the busier poker sites have the most fish, but that doesn’t always mean that there one of the fishiest poker sites because even though there are a lot of fish, there are also a lot of sharks.

Sportsbook Poker is definitely on my list of the fishiest poker sites for several reasons. A lot of the players in the poker room are sports bettors and using the poker room for entertainment. When you have sports bettors playing poker for entertainment you have a lot of big pots and a huge opportunity to make a lot of money. There aren’t a ton of players in the poker room either so most of the sharks don’t bother playing here.

UB Poker is still one of the easiest poker sites to beat, but that might change. UB has recently signed Prahlad Friedman and now have a very young roster of professional poker players. A lot of the younger online poker players might start switching to this poker room, which means the talent pool should become better, which isn’t a good thing for us. However, there are still plenty of fish at UB and they won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Party Poker advertises all over the world and have a huge player base. There are tons of great players in the poker room, but if you stick to the lower limit tables you can find a lot of new players. Most new players are fish and therefore Party Poker is a great place to check out. As long as Party Poker continues marketing to new players they should always be one of the fishiest poker sites to play on.