CFL Betting

The CFL is the only professional football league in Canada and it attracts players that were unable to make the NFL. Teams in the CFL need to keep a certain amount of Canadian players on the team every season to ensure the league stays true to its roots. You can wager on the CFL with basically every online sportsbook and it’s actually quite popular. Every year the CFL starts several weeks before the NFL, which gives bettors the chance to warm-up on some CFL games before the NFL season begins. Below you’ll find our top recommended sportsbooks with the best CFL odds and selections.

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There are only eight teams in the CFL right now, but there are plans for expansion over the next few seasons. Out of the eight teams in the CFL, six of them will make the playoffs every season to try go to the Grey Cup. Typically a couple teams will dominate the regular season with the rest of the teams finishing with similar records. The level of competition in the CFL is great, but it definitely doesn’t come close to the NFL. There are also several rule changes in the CFL with one of the most notable rule changes being the fact there are only 3 downs in the CFL compared to 4 downs in the NFL.

CFL Bets

You can place plenty of different types of wagers on the CFL and we’re going to take a quick look at them all. If you don’t know what any of the bets are we’ve explained them briefly, but you should definitely read more about the types of bets before you start placing wagers with any sportsbook.

· Moneyline Bets – Bet on the CFL team that you think will simply win the football game

· Point Spread Bets – Bet on the favoured CFL team to win the game by x amount of points

· Over/Under Bets – Bet on whether or not both CFL teams will score more then x amount of points

· Parlays/Teasers – Bet on more then one outcome on the same ticket. Teasers use adjusted spreads

· Props/Futures – Single game and season long bets that are more for entertainment purposes then anything else

CFL Betting Tips

The CFL is a very competitive league and any team in the league can beat any other team in the league at any given time. It’s very hard to predict every game on a weekly basis, but it isn’t that hard to find 1-2 bets every week with some value. You need to make sure you look at injuries in the CFL, as some players are very important to their teams and when injured their teams simply can’t perform.

Home field advantage is huge in the CFL as well due to team’s not travelling very well. Players in the CFL tend to play a lot better at home where they’re comfortable in the CFL, so try focusing on home teams if possible. Another important tip for beginners is to avoid betting under a lot in the CFL. The over/under spreads may seem really high, but a lot more points are scored in the CFL then in the NFL and it isn’t uncommon to see 60-70 points being scored a game.

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