UFC/MMA Betting

With the UFC becoming more and more popular in countries such as the United States, Canada and many throughout Europe, it’s quickly become one of the most wagered on sports. The UFC is the most popular mixed martial arts league by a mile, but there are a few other MMA leagues that have a large fan base and several great fighters. Betting on the UFC isn’t something that you can do on a nightly basis, but there are generally 1-2 pay-per-view events each month that you can bet on.

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Since there aren’t fights every night to bet on you need to make sure that you manage your bankroll efficiently. A lot of people I know win money when they bet on the UFC or other MMA leagues, but they throw their profits away while they wait for the next event to wager on. If you want to bet on other sports other than the UFC/MMA for fun you should set-up an account with another sportsbook and manage your bankrolls separately.

Apart from the UFC there are a few other MMA leagues that people like to wager on. You can bet on StrikeForce, WEC, IFL, K-1, Heroes, Cage Rage, Sengoku and a few others. A lot of the MMA leagues won’t have that many odds posted for the fights, but the UFC and StrikeForce typically have most of their fights available to wager on with most online sportbooks. If you don’t follow a certain MMA league avoid betting on the matches because you’ll generally be throwing money down the drain.

Types of UFC/MMA Bets

There really aren’t too many ways to bet on the UFC/MMA although there are a few unique bets. The most common type of bet is obviously betting on the fighter that you think is going to win the fight. You can also parlay two or more fighters on the same ticket and if all of the fighters you pick win, you’d win the wager. There are a few prop bets in the UFC/MMA that you can bet on such as how long a fight is going to last and how a fight is going to end. Prop bets are great in the UFC/MMA because the juice is low compared to betting on a favourite to win a fight.

How to Read UFC/MMA Odds?

Reading UFC/MMA odds is really simple although we’re going to walk you through an example just in case you need some help before making your 1st wager. Most sportbooks will post odds using the American moneyline format, which is what we’re going to show you below.

George St. Pierre –300 vs. Josh Koscheck +250

By looking at the example above of how a sportsbook would post the odds for a UFC/MMA fight you can tell that St. Pierre is the favourite to win based on the (-) in front of his odds. If both fighters have a (-) in front of their odds than the favourite is the fighter with the bigger number after the (-) sign. If you wager on St. Pierre to win the fight you’d need to bet $30 for every $10 profit whereas if you bet on Koscheck you’d win $25 profit for every $10 you wager.

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