Formula One Betting

Formula One is a popular sport throughout many parts of the world, but it’s especially popular throughout the UK and Europe. In the United States it isn’t as popular due to NASCAR, but there is still a loyal following of fans for F1 in North America. The sport has come a long way over the years that its been around with most of the changes happening to the actual racecars. There is no doubt that Formula 1 racing offers the fastest type of racing and generally has the best drivers as well.

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You can bet on Formula One with most major online sportbooks although you may want to bet with a European sportsbook since they typically have the best F1 odds for this sport. European sportbooks will also tend to have more variety with the type of bets they allow you to make on the sporting event. Every year there are a few huge races during the F1 season and the majority of betting action takes place during these big races.

Popular Formula One Races

· British Grand Prix

· Australian Grand Prix

· Monte Carlo Grand Prix

· Japan Grand Prix

Formula One Bets

· The easiest way to bet on Formula One racing is to select the driver that you think is going to win the race.

· Another popular way to bet on Formula 1 racing is by betting on match-ups set-up by your bookie. Typically match-up bets feature 2-5 drivers and you simply need to pick the driver that you think will finish in the best position in the race.

· You can bet on the driver that you think is going to win pole position along with the driver to have the best qualifying time with some online sportbooks.

· You can bet on the car manufacturer that you think will win the race although the odds are lower in this type of bet since it’s easier to predict.

· You can make season long wagers on the drivers you think will win the Drivers Championship. You can also make other futures wagers including betting on the manufacturer that you think will end up with the most points at the end of the racing season.

Formula One Betting Tips

The payouts on straight wagers in Formula One payout huge because the number of drivers in the field that you need to choose from, but the bet isn’t easy to win. Thankfully in F1 there are only about 5-6 drivers that have a legitimate shot every race to come out and earn a victory. There aren’t that many drivers in F1 that can keep up with the top echelon of drivers and this makes it slightly easier for the bettor.

I personally like betting on match-up bets because they’re a lot easier then trying to bet on the outright race winner. Betting on a driver to finish better then another driver is fairly simple. You won’t make much money on the bet, but if you can pick up a few units every race with these bets then you’re going to be happy at the end of the year.

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