Online Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a popular online casino game. It has several different names including Let’em Ride, Let Them Ride, Free Ride and Ride’m Poker. The odds and rules of Let It Ride will vary from casino to casino. Let It Ride is a Stud poker based table game and is usually found at U.S. friendly casinos. Online Let It Ride requires little skill and with a house edge of 3.51% it offers better odds than Roulette, Caribbean Stud or 3 Card Poker. The 3.51% house edge is based on the standard paytable. Let It Ride and it’s sister games like Free Ride will offer different odds for the side bet, but other than that there are no major differences apart from a minor variation in the betting sequence. The differences in the betting sequences are purely cosmetic, but can be confusing so I will cover them first.

Best Let It Ride Sites

# Brand Name Usa Eu Visit Site Ready To Play?
1. gocasino Win Palace
2. bet365 Bet365 Casino

Betting sequence for Let It Ride – In the traditional format of Let It Ride you will place three equal bets. If you want to bet a total of $15 you would place three $5 bets. When you play online Let It Ride the casino will automatically place the three bets for you. You are not actually risking all three bets though. You will have the option to Pass or Ride on the second and third wager. When you Pass you will receive your bet back and when you Ride you will be finalizing the wager.

Betting sequence for other versions – In other versions like Free Ride and Let Them Ride you will only have to place one bet at the start of the game. When you receive your cards you will can either place an equal second wager by Betting/Calling. If you do not want to place another bet you would Pass/Fold. You will have the same options after the dealer flips over the fourth card.

Though the wording is different there is no tangible difference between these games. In traditional Let It Ride and the other versions you will be able to just make the original bet, two bets or three bets. The purpose of the second betting sequence is that it is more appealing to new players because it seems like they have more control.

Online Let It Ride Odds

Online casinos use the same paytable for the main bets. At brick and mortar casinos they can vary slightly. To win money in Let It Ride you need a pair of Tens or better. Payouts for the main bet(s) in Let It Ride range from 1:1 to 1,000:1. Here is the standard paytable online casinos use.

- Pair of 10′s through Aces – 1:1
- Two pair – 2:1
- Three of a kind – 3:1
- Straight – 5:1
- Flush – 8:1
- Full House – 11:1
- Four of a kind – 50:1
- Straight Flush – 200:1
- Royal Flush – 1,000:1

Let It Ride Side Bet

You can place a $1 side bet when playing Let It Ride online. The payouts for side bets are different at most online casinos, so I can not provide you with a exact house edge, but I can give you a general idea. If the side bet payouts are fixed amounts the house edge can range from 13.77% to 35.14%. I suggest not making side bets in this case because of the terrible odds. If there is a progressive jackpot for the side bet the house edge will vary greatly depending on the size of the jackpot and paytable. As a general rule the side bet is a decent wager if the jackpot is over $100,000. A Straight Flush pays 10% of the jackpot and a Royal Flush pays out the entire jackpot. This adds a lot of potential to every hand and can make Let It Ride a very fun game. They also pay out to three of a kind, Straights, Flushes, Full Houses and four of a kind. If you want to keep it interesting you could place a side bet once every 5-10 hands. Doing this will limit your loses and add a bit of excitement to your experience.

Other bets in Let It Ride – Some casinos offer a 3 Card Bonus Bet in Let It Ride. I have never seen an online casino offer this though. This bet is very similar to 3 Card Poker. The house edge for this bet also varies from casino to casino but it will fall somewhere between 2.14% and 7.10%.

Play Online Let It Ride Poker

A vast majority of U.S friendly casinos offer real money Let It Ride or a variant of it. I’ve created a list of the top Let It Ride online casinos. I’ve based this list on the payouts, software and the overall quality of the casino. Each casino has a different name for this popular game, but the only real differences are related to the side bet payouts.

Sportsbook Casino – The casino at offers the best Let It Ride odds. They are home to one of the largest sit bet progressive jackpots in the world. It is called Free Ride there and the progressive jackpot is typically well over $200,000 so the house edge for side bets is significantly lower than average. The Sportsbook Casino has a large selection of games, huge progressive jackpots, great software and rewarding promotions.

WinPalace Casino – Let Them Ride is a popular game at the WinPalace Casino. The side bet payouts are the highest I have ever seen without there being a progressive jackpot. Royal Flushes pay out $30,000, 1.5 times higher than the traditional payout. Win Palace has an amazing bonus program. They give all new players a bonus on their first twenty deposits.