Online Baccarat

Baccarat is an immensely popular card game around the world although there are a few different variations of the game and the rules will vary depending on where you play baccarat. For the sake of this guide we’re going to focus on Punto Banco, which is the variation of baccarat that is played throughout North America and several other regions of the world. Punto Banco is the most popular baccarat game online as well although you’ll still be able to play other baccarat variants if you want too.

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Basic Baccarat Rules

Punto Banco baccarat is the only form of baccarat where you don’t need any skill since the game is entirely dependant upon how lucky you are at picking the winning hand. Before the dealer deals out the cards in baccarat everyone in the game has the chance to bet on the “Player Hand”, “Banker Hand” or “Tie”. The objective in Punto Banco is to bet on the hand that you think is going to win although you also have the option to bet on the hand ending in a tie. You should read over the full rules of baccarat if you’re new to the game although you can start playing baccarat online using the basic rules I’ve listed above.

A Video Showing a Real Online Baccarat Session

Where Can I Play Online Baccarat?

To play online baccarat for real money you need to join an online casino, but thankfully that isn’t a problem nowadays, as there are literally hundreds of casinos on the market. The bigger question you should be asking yourself is where is it safe to play online baccarat and we’ve got you covered when it comes down to finding the safest places to play. The online casinos listed below have several variants of baccarat including live dealer baccarat games, which we talk about in detail in another article.

WinPalace Casino is US friendly and has been in the business for over a decade. Baccarat games are offered in the instant play casino as well as the live dealer casino. You can wager up to $1000 per hand on the baccarat tables making it a great place to bet high limits.

The Bet365 Casino isn’t US friendly, but they have a lot of international baccarat players. You can play in the live casino or in the regular casino, as baccarat is available in both of them.

Whether you’re looking to play online baccarat with real money or just play money you can do so with the online casinos listed above. You can’t try out the live dealer games with play money, but the casinos do allow you to watch the games as long as you have an account with the casino. Most games of chance don’t allow you to bet such high limits, but baccarat has become one of the most popular games with people who love gambling because you can bet high limits and your chances of winning are fairly good compared to other casino games.