MLB Betting

Baseball has been the most popular sport in the United States over the past 100+ years and although there are more football fans now, baseball is still loved by millions of fans. MLB is a great sport to bet on because of the length of the season, which is longer, then any of the other major league sport seasons. Baseball teams play 162 games every season and that doesn’t include spring training and the playoffs.

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During the baseball season and World Series there are also plenty of games almost every single day, which gives handicappers plenty of chances to try and find a few games to bet on everyday. One of the only pitfalls of the MLB is that if you’re not careful you’ll end up paying a lot of juice on your bets and even if you win a good percentage of your games, you may not be profitable. A lot of people that bet on baseball try and stick with small favourites and a heavy dose of underdogs throughout the season and these cappers tend to show the most profit at the end of the season.

MLB Bets

· Moneyline Bets – Bet on the baseball team that you think is going to win the game

· Runline Bets – Bet on a team to win by –1.5 runs or not to lose by more then +1.5 runs

· Over/Under Bets – Bet whether both teams will score more or less runs then the posted run total

· Parlays – Bet on 2-12 different outcomes on the same wager

· Props – Bet on single game props such as whether a player will record a hit or homerun

· Futures – Bet on season long props such as who will win the World Series or Pennant

MLB Betting Tips

Baseball is a sport of streaks and you need to be able to identify and follow any streaks that are present. You should avoid looking at trends that much in baseball because they don’t mean nearly as much as recent performances do. One of the most important rules I try and follow when betting on MLB is to keep the juice under –200. There are enough games on the schedule everyday that you should be able to find a game you feel confident betting on without going over –200 odds and if you can’t then it might be best to just lay off for a day.

I always try and tell new baseball handicappers that they should try and bet on the team or teams that they follow at first. If you follow the Red Sox then you’re going to be able to analyze their match-ups a lot better then you would be able to analyze games for Oakland. One of the most important things to look at before betting on any of the games on a given day is pitchers. Pitchers can win baseball games for you and it’s always good to be on the side of a pitcher that has the potential to win 20+ games a season.

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