International Hockey Betting

The NHL has the best calibre hockey players on average, but there are plenty of great hockey players that have decided to play overseas in various professional hockey leagues. Hockey is extremely popular in several European countries and a few of them have great calibre professional hockey leagues that you can wager on using an online sportsbook. Only a few sportbooks offer odds on international hockey leagues and you won’t be able to bet on every game like you can in other professional sports.

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Germany Pro Hockey Betting

The most well known hockey league overseas for Canadians and Americans is the German Hockey League (Deutsche Eishockey Liga). Many excellent hockey players compete in the league and it’s highly competitive. You can find odds on most of the games and you can also bet on the over/under on the majority of games. The German Hockey League has been in existence for a little over 50 years now and although they don’t pay their players quite as much as the NHL, the players are well paid.

Russian Pro Hockey Betting

The biggest professional hockey league in Russia is the Kontinental Hockey League. Many of the world’s best hockey players play in this league including many Russian players that don’t want to leave their country to play in the NHL. The Russian Major League is another pro hockey league in Russia that you can wager on although the calibre of hockey isn’t as good. I would only focus on betting on the Kontinental Hockey League initially unless you live in Russia and already follow other leagues.

Sweden Pro Hockey Betting

Sweden loves their hockey and it’s one of the most popular sports in the country. There are plenty of hockey leagues, but none that are better then the Elitserien hockey league. You may also find that betting on the Hockey Allsvenskan league might be profitable if you know the teams, as it’s Sweden’s second professional hockey league. The level of hockey is great in both leagues, but there aren’t a huge number of overseas players in the leagues.

Finland Pro Hockey Betting

Finland always develops plenty of excellent hockey players and although only the best make it on to the NHL, the rest of the players can play in the Finnish professional hockey league, which is SM-Liiga. Pro hockey in Finland is hard to find information on unless you live in the country, so betting on this league might not be suitable for everyone. It’s also a bit difficult finding odds on the games in the Finnish pro hockey leagues because not that many people bet on the games.

If you follow international hockey leagues then it’s a great way to make money because the lines aren’t that sharp. Bookies don’t get much action on the leagues mentioned above and therefore they don’t put much effort into setting the odds. You can easily pick apart the bookies if you follow the leagues, but it’s important to mix up your bets. If you only bet on a certain hockey league and win all of your bets, you’ll end up getting limited sooner or later by the sportsbook you wager with.