Online Sports Betting

People have been betting on sports for centuries now, but in the past it was a lot more difficult to place a wager on a sporting event than it is today. The internet has made sports betting more mainstream and now anyone with an internet connection can start betting on sports online within minutes. Sports betting has a long history, but over the past 50 years the hobby has taken off and it’s now a billion dollar industry. There are literally hundreds of online bookmakers fighting for clients, but the majority of bettors tend to stick with the major players in the industry.

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How to Start Betting on Sports

The very first thing that new bettors will need to do is sign-up with one of the recommend sportbooks above. You can also opt to join one of our mobile sportsbooks for iPhone, iPad and Android users. It should only take you a few minutes to register a new account, at which point you’ll be ready to make your 1st deposit. Online sportbooks have a lot of ways to fund your account ranging from credit cards to voucher codes. After you’ve made a successful deposit and have money on your betting account you’ll be able to start betting on the sports you want to bet on. We at will also start presenting different guides to current sporting events, as for the upcoming soccer Euro Cup we can recommend this Euro 2012 betting guide for all bettors.

What Sports can I Bet on Online

If you’re use to betting locally you may only have the ability to wager on a few sports, but once you make the move to an online sportsbook you’ll have the luxury of being able to bet on any sporting event around the world. You can use your computer to bet or opt for a real money gambling app for your mobile device. The big online sportbooks will have the best selection of sports to bet on and generally have the best betting limits. I won’t list all of the sports you can bet on, but some of them include NHL, NFL, UFC, NBA, NASCAR, MLB, soccer, cricket, tennis, volleyball, handball, F1, MMA and golf betting.

How much can I Bet Online

The amount of money that you can bet online will vary quite a bit depending on several factors. Online bookmakers will have their own betting limits in place that you need to follow. Most sportbooks minimum bet will range from less than $1 to about $10 and this is because most sportbooks love receiving action from casual bettors. Maximum bets range in the $1-$10K range depending on the sportsbook you’re placing the bet with and what type of bet you’re trying to place.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe

One concern a lot of new bettors have is whether or not there money is safe and I’d like to assure you that it is. The majority of sportbooks are licensed offshore in countries such as Costa Rica although there are also bookmakers with licenses in Canada and the UK. If you want to play it safe you can bet with one of the sportbooks licensed in Canada or the UK, as these are highly regulated and extremely secure for bettors. Offshore bookmakers are also safe for the most part, but they aren’t regulated like some of the other sportbooks in the industry.