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MasterCard is one of the few credit card brands that has a global audience and therefore it has always been one of the first deposit methods people want to use when funding an online casino account. Almost everyone I know has a credit card and the majority of those people have either a MasterCard or Visa. If you’re one of the millions of people around the world that has a MasterCard you’ll be able to use your credit card to play in online casinos instantly.

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As long as you own a MasterCard in your name you can deposit into online casinos regardless of where you live. In the past couple years MasterCard has been trying its best to crack down on online gambling transactions from certain countries. MasterCard even have their own dedicated team that strictly tries to stop online gambling deposits from cardholders in a few countries. Due to the current laws in the United States, MasterCard has been forced to try and prevent most deposits from happening.

You can still try and use your MasterCard to deposit into an online casino, but it may be declined depending on where you live. I’ve had problems depositing in the past with a MasterCard in Canada and I know thousands of people have had troubles depositing from the USA with a MasterCard. Depositing money into your casino account using MasterCard is very convenient, which is why many people still insist on using it, but if you’re declined there are plenty of alternatives that we talk about in detail on other pages.

How to Deposit into Online Casinos Using MasterCard

When you’re signed in to your online casino account you need to click on the MasterCard deposit icon, which you can usually find on the cashier page. Once you’re on the deposit screen you need to input your credit card number, expiry date and the 3-digit code found on the back of your MasterCard (CVV Code). If you enter all of the numbers into the form correctly your deposit should work and you’ll be ready to start playing. If the deposit is declined you can try another online casino with the same card or you can use an alternative deposit method such as an eCheck or eWallet.

Is Using my MasterCard Safe?

Using your credit card in an online casino is the same as using it on any other website and it’s completely secure. Online casinos are actually more secure than the majority of e-commerce sites that accept MasterCard. I’ve been using credit cards in online casinos for years now and have never had a single penny taken off of my card that shouldn’t have.

Best MasterCard Casinos

Since every online casino I’ve seen accepts MasterCard deposits you have hundreds of options, which can actually be a problem rather than helpful, since many online casinos are complete scams. We’ve been in this industry a long time now and can tell you that it’s absolutely vital you choose your online casino responsibly or else you’ll regret it when you win some money. Win Palace is one of the top online casino sites in the industry and they have plenty of great bonuses to try and help you build your bankroll.

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