Real Money Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack is typically a card game that’s played against the house, but in blackjack tournaments the rules change a bit. When you play in blackjack tournaments you’ll still play your hand against the dealer, but the goal is to beat the other players. There are a couple types of blackjack tournament available online depending on where you play. The two types of blackjack tournaments include single table and multi-table tournaments.

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Single Table Blackjack Tournaments

Single table blackjack tournaments are without question the most popular format, as they’re quick. In this format the players on the table play a set amount of hands before the last place person is eliminated. This continues until there is only one player left in the event, at which point the winner receives the prize pool. Make sure you know how many hands are in each round before you start playing, so that you can figure out your game plan.

Multi-Table Blackjack Tournaments

Multi-table blackjack tournaments are a bit different then single table online blackjack tournaments. In this format players are each seated on a single table and it’s your goal to win your table. Typically the first or first two players on each table move onto the next round after the predetermined amount of hands is played. For instance, the first round might be 10 hands long, which means you have ten hands to win more chips then the rest of the players on your table.

Best Blackjack Tournament Sites

Absolute Poker surprisingly have the best real money blackjack tournaments you’re going to find online. They have some great features including a secret bet feature. With the secret bet feature players are allowed to make one bet each round where the amount isn’t displayed to other players. Even though AP is known for their poker room they actually have a lot of blackjack players as well.

Bodog Casino also offers real money online blackjack tournaments, but they aren’t as popular as they are at Absolute Poker. They do have promotions from time to time for blackjack tournament players, which make them a good option once in awhile.

Blackjack Tournament Tips

In blackjack tournaments the dealer button is passed around the table after each hand. The player that gets to bet last has the obvious advantage because they get to see how much the other players bet. Make sure you take advantage of your position in blackjack tournaments.

You should always protect your lead when you’re leading a blackjack tournament if possible. If you can make a small bet and guarantee more chips than your opponent you should always do so.

If you’re playing in a live blackjack tournament online that allows you to make a secret bet each round you need to make sure you always use the secret bet. Using the secret bet can help you try and take a lead or it can help you bluff your opponents. If you take the secret bet in an early position everyone that acts after you is going to assume you went big when you could go small and hope that the dealer wins the hand against everyone.