Real Money Slots Tournaments

Online slots are the most exciting games to play in online casinos, but they can tend to get expensive if you’re running cold and not winning any money. One way that I make my slots bankroll last longer is by playing in real money slots tournaments. You can find real money slots tournaments in several online casinos, but the best options are the Go Casino and Bodog Casino. Before you start playing in online slots tournaments it’s important to understand how they run, so you’re not completely lost while playing.

How Do Real Money Slots Tournaments Run

In a slots tournament you actually play against other real people and friends rather than against the casino. Everyone buys into the tournament and is given a predetermined amount of slots credits to use. When the real money slots tournament begins every player will need to try and earn as many credits as they possibly can in a predetermined amount of time. Each slots tournament will give players a certain amount of time to try and win as many credits as they can.

At the end of the tournament the players with the most credits win the prizes. Smaller slots tournaments might only reward the top couple players with a prize whereas bigger slots tournaments will reward a lot of players. Slots tournaments are fun for everyone, as most of them are inexpensive and give the participants a lot of playing time for their money. $5 won’t last long when you’re playing max credits on any slot machine unless you’re extremely lucky, but if you enter a $5 real money slots tournament you’ll know exactly how long you get to play the slot machine.

Benefits of Playing Slots Tournaments

The biggest benefit is that you’ll be able to keep track of exactly how much you spend playing slots. Slots are all about luck and by playing in slots tournaments you’ll ensure that you aren’t risking a lot of money. It only takes one win in a slot tournament to cover lots of buy-ins as well whereas if you’re playing against the house it’s a lot harder to win money or at least breakeven.

In slots tournaments you get to play against other people rather than against the casino, which means you have the same chance of winning as everyone else in the tournament. When you play online slots against the house there is always an edge that they have against you, which isn’t present when you compete in tournaments.

Where to Play Real Money Slots Tournaments

Go Casino and Bodog Casino are my two favourite online casinos when it comes to playing in slots tournaments. Both casinos have a nice schedule of slots tournaments that you can compete in on a daily basis. There are small slots tournaments and bigger slots tournaments that you can play in at both casinos although Go Casino has the best selection. The prize pools are often fairly big and there is plenty of value playing in the real money slots tournaments at either of the casinos mentioned above.