Diners Club Card Casinos

Diners Club was the first independent credit card company in the world, as they opened over 50 years ago. Diners Club has since been sold several times and other financial institutions own the rights to the brand name. Certain banks still issue Diners Club credit cards and many people around the world still use Diners Club credit cards. One of the reasons why so many people use Diners Club is because it’s accepted in many countries around the world. Some of the Diners Club credit cards even have a MasterCard logo on them, which means you can use the card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Most online casino sites accept Diners Club credit cards including from players that live in the USA. Recently there have been some problems depositing in the USA using Diners Club, but everywhere else the card works flawlessly. You can make an instant deposit into any Diners Club Casinos and be playing games within 10 minutes. Casino players that have a Diners Club card can make deposits directly to the casino’s processor, so you don’t need to worry about signing up for any third party services.

Complete Your Diners Club Deposit in Minutes

Using your Diners Club card is one of the fastest ways to fund your casino account. When you’re signed into your account at the online casino you want to play with you need to find the cashier/bank section. Simply click on the Diners Club icon when you’re in the cashier section and you’ll be able to fill in your Diners Club credit card details. If you fill in your card details correctly the deposit should be processed instantly and you’ll be able to start playing any casino games you want.

Some of you might have your deposit declined and if this happens it probably means your Diners Club card is blocked from online gambling. A lot of the Diners Club cards issued in the USA won’t work when you try making a deposit, but the only way to find out is by trying to make a deposit. Diners Club is only one of many deposit methods available in online casinos, so if your card doesn’t work you should read one of our other casino deposit guides.

You won’t be charged a fee when you use Diners Club as your deposit method in online casinos, which is another reason why you should see if your card is accepted. One of the only downfalls about Diners Club is that you can’t receive withdrawals back on your card from the online casino, but this is a problem shared by most credit cards. You’ll generally have the option of receiving a check from the casino or a bank transfer, which once set-up with the casino is a better withdrawal method in my opinion.

Diners Club Casinos

Diners Club isn’t really used by that many people anymore, as Visa and MasterCard have most of the market share, but there are still a few safe online casinos where you can use your card. Bodog accepts Diners Club, but only if it has the MasterCard logo, so you’ll need to take a look and see if your Diners Club card has a MasterCard logo before trying to deposit.

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