MasterCard Sportsbooks

Mastercard was once a reliable sportsbook deposit option. They have stopped processing sportsbook transactions for U.S. citizens though. There are still ways to fund your sports betting account using Mastercard though. This article will cover how you can do this at the top online sportsbooks that accept American bettors. If you are a European or international sports betting enthusiast you can use Maestrocard at any bookmaker so this article will focus on bettors from the USA. Americans may not be able to directly fund their sportsbook account using Mastercard but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it indirectly.

Online Sportsbooks accepting Mastercard

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Mastercard Debit And Credit Cards

Most banks provide checking account holders with an optional debit card. When it comes to funding your sportsbook account there is no tangible difference between a credit or a debit card. Credit cards are tougher to obtain and there are interest rates to consider, so if you have to choose one or the other to deposit money into your sports betting account I suggest using the debit card. If you do not have the money in your bank account, then the credit card would be the obvious one to use.

Indirect Sportsbook Deposits Using Mastercard

Mastercard may not allow you to visit a sportsbook and make a direct deposit using your card, but there are ways around this. You just need to use your Mastercard to make a non-gambling purchase and use that to fund your betting account. That may sound confusing, but it really isn’t. Online sportsbooks do not want you to experience any hassles funding your account. They have developed relationships with non-gambling companies that act as a middle man. This will allow you to fund your account in two steps using your Mastercard.

Some ways to fund your sportsbook account using Mastercard involve buying phone cards and having the balance transferred to your betting account. Sportsbooks have come up with many creative ways to bypass the trouble U.S. bettors experience when using Mastercard to fund their accounts. Unfortunately these types of deposit options tend to come and go on a regular basis. Currently there is only one reliable method and that is at Bodog.

Before I get into that I want to discuss one other option that I have had success with. Pre-paid Visa cards are available everywhere. You can use your Mastercard or cash to buy these pre-paid cards and use them to deposit money at your favorite sportsbook. Visa is the only reliable credit or debit card for online gambling purchases these days. This method is not guaranteed to work though. Sometimes Visa cards will be rejected. It all depends on the issuing bank’s stance on online gambling. I would suggest buying a $20 pre-paid Visa card and trying that out first. If it doesn’t work you can always use the card to buy gas or something. If it does work you will have a reliable method to fund your sportsbook account using a Mastercard.

Bodog Sportsbook & Mastercards

Bodog is one of the largest sportsbooks online, and they accept bettors from the USA. They do not accept direct Mastercard deposits, but there is a way to do it. They accept a deposit option called MypayLinQ, an e-wallet like Paypal. You can use your Mastercard to fund your MyPayLinq account. Once you have done that you can transfer the money from your MyPayLinQ account into your Bodog sportsbook account. This adds another step to the deposit process, but once you get every setup you will not have any trouble keeping your sportsbook account funded.