Instant eCheck Casinos

Online casinos love accepting eChecks from players because they’re very quick and don’t cost the casinos a lot of money. Some of the deposit methods have much higher fees and since casinos cover the fees in most cases they always prefer receiving deposits from eChecks. Almost anyone can send an eCheck to an online casino as long as you have a checking account. The great thing about sending an eCheck to the casino you play with is the fact that your deposit won’t be declined like it is with most credit cards. If you live in the USA eChecks are definitely one of the best ways to fund your online casino account.

How do I Send an eCheck to an Online Casino

The 1st time you use an eCheck to make a deposit into an online casino you’ll need to have some information handy. You need to have your checking account number, your banks 3-digit institution ID and 5-digit branch transit number. You can find all of these numbers on any check that you have, but if you don’t have a check you can call your local branch and they’ll be able to help you out with the information you need to have.

Once you have the information listed above written down you’ll be able to complete your deposit. One thing to keep in mind with eChecks is the fact that they don’t get taken out of your bank right away. It can take up to 7 days for your deposit to be cleared from your bank, so you need to make sure you keep the money in your bank or else you’ll be charged a fee for bouncing a check. Sending an eCheck is the same as sending a paper check with the only difference being that you’re making your deposit electronically. Even though the eCheck doesn’t clear for up to a week, the money you deposit will be available instantly.

eCheck Quick FAQ

When you deposit into an online casino using an eCheck you won’t be charged any fee at all.

You’ll be able to start playing instantly as long as you don’t have any outstanding payments going through.

Most countries can withdraw money back into their bank account using eChecks although those of you that live in the United States won’t be able too.

Best eCheck Casinos

Most online casinos started accepting eChecks in the past few years although certain casinos have been accepting them for years now and have a very good record of approving them. Bodog is one of the pioneers in the eCheck processing industry for online gambling and they still accept eChecks to this day. They don’t have a very big casino bonus, but you know that you’re always going to get your money from them. If you’re looking for a huge bonus then you should join Go Casino, as they have a $20K bonus that you can earn over the course of your first twenty deposits.