Diners Club Sportsbooks

Diners Club cards have never been a viable sportsbook deposit option, even among the top European sportsbooks. Diners Club international shares little in common with other credit cards like Visa. I will explain these differences below. If you have a Diners Club card and want to use it to fund your sports betting account there are couple of options. Diners Club International stopped operating as an independent company several years ago. They merged with Mastercard and are accepted anywhere Mastercard is. In 2010-2011 Mastercard stopped processing transactions with most online gambling companies including all U.S. sportsbooks. Sports bettors living in the European Union and abroad can still use Diners Club cards though.

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Diners Club – The Past & Present

Diners Club International was formed in 1950 and was the first independent credit card company in the world. The original concept behind Diners Club was to offer a convenient charge card to the wealthy and people who liked to travel. Diners Club cards are not true credit cards. With a credit card you can charge $500 in a month and only have to pay the interest and fees. Diners Club requires card holders to pay the balance in full every month. It was a perfect solution for the wealthy when they were traveling and did not want to carry a lot of cash with them. They could make large purchases abroad and pay the balance securely through their own bank. Diners Club today is essentially a Mastercard. Diners Club sportsbook deposits are primarily made by wealthy gamblers.

European Sportsbooks That Accept Diners Club Deposits

Diners Club cards are virtually obsolete these days. They have always catered towards the elite so they never were that popular to begin with. Only one online sportsbook accepts Diners Club deposits; William Hill. William Hill is one of Europe’s most prominent sportsbooks. Diners Club is an ideal deposit method for extremely large deposits. The money is credited instantly, so it is faster than other secure options that deal with large deposits. You can deposit up to £250,000 every day. William Hill is an international powerhouse in the gambling industry. They have a hand in virtually every form of gambling, and are extremely popular.

Diners Club Alternative For Sports Bettors From The USA

Since Diners Club cards are not assessable to the vast majority of American citizens it has never been a serious sportsbook deposit option. Even if they lifted their ban of gambling related purchases today there would still be very few sportsbooks to use your card at. You have to have a bank account to obtain a Diners Club card. You will also likely have some major credit and/or debit cards. You can use any of these to fund your sports betting account at our featured online sportsbooks. I have added a list of the three most popular sportbooks below. Each of these sportsbooks accept bets from U.S. citizens, and are considered the best by the U.S. sports betting community.

BodogThe Bodog sportsbook is well known throughout the world. They feature a sportsbook, casino and poker room. They have been online for nearly as long as the big European bookmakers. Bodog accepts a wide range of U.S. friendly deposit options. Visa is the most popular deposit option at the Bodog sportsbook. You can use Visa debit or credit cards, and the rejection rate is quite low. They also accept MyPayLinQ, an online e-wallet for U.S. bettors. Another popular option is Digital Pin, a pre-paid phone card company that will transfer the amount you buy to your Bodog betting account.

Bookmaker – Bookmaker is another popular sportsbook that U.S. players are welcome at. Deposit options at Bookmaker include Visa, iPoint, EcoCard, bank wire and paper checks. Visa card deposits are the most popular among U.S. bettors. You can use your Visa card to make deposits ranging from $24 to $219. iPoint can be used for deposits ranging from $25 to $500. iPoint credits can be purchased using your cell phone and a credit or debit card. Bank wire deposits have a $2,500 minimum, and no maximum since they are the most secure funding method. They can take 3-7 days to clear, but if you want to make a large deposit this is the way to go. Paper checks take the longest to clear and have a minimum of $500.