Superbowl Betting

The Superbowl is played once every year between the NFC Champions and AFC Champions to determine who finishes the NFL season in first place. Every year millions of people from over 100 countries watch the Superbowl and it’s easily the most popular sporting event in the United States. Sportbooks love the Superbowl because it’s the busiest day they have throughout the year for the most part although some European bookies receive more action for big soccer games or horse races.

Super Bowl XLVII is being played in New Orleans in 2013.

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The first ever Superbowl game was played in 1967 and over the years it’s become extremely popular. There are plenty of ways that you can wager on the event every year and we’re going to take a look at them right now. If you’ve never bet on the Superbowl before then make sure you read through the types of bets you can make below. Keep in mind that some sportbooks won’t offer every type of bet listed below although most of the bookies that focus on the US market do.

Types of Superbowl Bets

· There are two ways that you can bet on the team you think is going to win. One of the ways is by picking the team you think is going to win outright using moneyline odds. The other way to bet on which team you think will win is by betting on the point spread of the game.

· Another popular wager is betting on the over/under of the game. The defences always perform well in the Superbowl and the under is always a great bet although some years the offences are too much for the defences.

· Prop bets always receive a lot of action for the Superbowl because everyone watches the game and it’s much more fun if you have some action on certain props. You can bet on props such as how many completions a QB will have, how many passing yards a QB will have, how many rushing yards a RB will have, how many receiving yards a WR will have, how many sacks a team will have, how many INT’s will be in the game and plenty more.

· You can bet on the Superbowl game throughout the entire NFL season and even a couple months before the season starts if you’re using an online sportsbook. Online sportbooks always post future bets where you can pick the team you think will win the Superbowl. The earlier you make the wager, the better odds you’ll receive on the bet. Obviously betting on the team you think will win the Superbowl at the beginning of the season isn’t that easy, but it’s definitely an option if you don’t mind leaving your money tied up for the season.

If you’re a fan of football then you’ll definitely watch the Superbowl every season, but if you’re not yet betting on the game then you need to consider joining an online sportsbook. Tons of money is wagered and won during Superbowl Sunday every year and with a bit of research you could easily be adding a bit of extra money into your pocket as well every season.