US Online Sportsbooks

Betting on sports in the United States has always been very popular and millions of people casually wager on sports all the time. In the past ten years sports betting has become extremely popular due to the simplicity of placing a bet. Online sportsbooks have made it possible to bet on sports from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It’s even possible to bet on sports using your mobile device nowadays, so you’ll never need to miss a game that you want to bet on again.

Best USA Sportsbook:

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The USA government doesn’t allow online sportsbooks to operate in the country legally, but residents of the USA are still allowed to sign-up with an offshore online sportsbook and place wagers. Since sports bettors in the USA need to use an offshore sportsbook it’s vital that you choose a sportsbook that has been in the industry a long time. Tons of online sportbooks pop-up on the internet every year, but a lot of them close shop shortly after opening up and in most cases players don’t get paid.

Many of the major European sportbooks are licensed and regulated, but residents of the USA can’t join. There are still quite a few online sportsbooks that cater to the US market, but finding the good sportsbooks is hard. Not only do you need to find online sportsbooks that accepts US bettors, but you also need to ensure they have deposit options that’ll work and quick payouts. A lot of online sportsbooks have slow payouts and nothing is worse than having to sweat your payout from an online bookmaker, which is why we recommend the safest US online sportsbooks above.

Best US Online Sportsbooks

There aren’t that many reputable US online sportsbooks and it’s not easy finding a bookie that will pay you on time, provide good betting lines and have good processors to accept US deposits. 5Dimes has been in the industry a very long time now and they accept all sports bettors that live in the USA. You can bet high limits at 5Dimes on most sports and they’re very lenient with sharps, which means your account won’t be limited quickly.

Online Sportsbooks FAQ

If you’ve never bet with an online sportsbook before you might be a little confused initially, but thankfully the rules are very simple and anyone can learn how to place a wager online. You need to sign-up with an account at a US friendly sportsbook like 5Dimes and then deposit money into your account using your credit card or e-wallet. Once you have money on your account you’ll be allowed to start placing wagers on basically any sporting event in the world.

When you want to withdraw your winnings all you need to do is request a withdrawal and it’ll be processed. 5Dimes is very quick at paying out players and you’re never going to run into payout problems if you use this US online sportsbook. Whether you want to start betting on sports daily or once in awhile on events like the World Series and Superbowl you’ll be able to using an online sportsbook.