Progressive Jackpots Slots Sites

Playing the various slot machines at casinos has its share of thrills but a progressive jackpot slot machine can easily outshine all of these. Many online casinos offer progressive slot jackpot games to entice both skilled and amateur players to their site. These games are designed with the best graphics, sound effects and visuals to give you a real-time experience that can rival brick and mortar casinos. If you are playing for fun and want to avoid the more serious skill games like poker, then a progressive jackpots slots site is the perfect destination for you.

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What are Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Progressive slots jackpots continuously grow until a player hits the winning combination. A small portion of every player’s gaming stake is added to the jackpot every time the game is played. This makes the jackpot grow progressively as more and more people play the same game. You can usually find the jackpot size displayed prominently on the casino site at all times. The site displays a constantly updated jackpot amount at the top right corner of the site. The bigger the jackpot, the more the number of players attracted to it and this, in turn, makes the jackpot grow even larger at a faster pace.

The game machines of progressive jackpots offered by online casinos may be linked to similar ones at other casinos. Whenever a player chooses to have a go at a progressive jackpot game at any of the linked machines, a small addition is made to the jackpot. This makes these jackpots some of the fastest growing prizes in the online casino industry.

The jackpot is reset to the minimum amount when one lucky player hits the right combination to claim the entire prize money. Because a number of people across the world are playing the game, the jackpot grows back to a substantial amount very quickly.

The Winning Jackpot Combination

Different slots games have different combinations that win you the progressive jackpot. Check the rules of the game before you start playing to know what makes a winning combination. For example, at, three cash splash symbols get you the progressive jackpot in the three-reel progressive jackpot cash splash game. Other combinations may get you smaller rewards, so it is best to read up about a slot game and understand what each of the winning combinations can bring at a casino, before you play it.

Conditions to Qualify for Progressive Jackpots

Another reason that makes reading up about a game important is that every casino may require specific conditions to be met before you qualify for a progressive jackpot win. At most casinos you will need to bet the maximum amount to become eligible. The kind of membership you have at the casino may also be factored in by the site when determining if you are eligible for the progressive jackpot.

Playing progressive jackpots is a wonderful way to spend your leisure hours. If you are lucky you could also hit the jackpot to win some truly spectacular sums of money.