NBA Betting Odds

If you’ve ever bet on any other sport in the past then you’ll already be prepared to start betting on the NBA. The odds are read the same way that you would read any other odds for any other sporting event. In case you’ve never placed a bet before we’re going to show you how to read odds for a moneyline bet and a point spread bet in the NBA. With the new season almost upon us it’s time to start preparing your power rankings and get ready for the grind of the long NBA season.

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NBA Moneyline Odds

Betting on the moneyline in the NBA is done quite often when the game has a small spread. You can wager on the moneyline in the NBA with both favourites and underdogs with good reason. If you want to bet a small –5 favourite, but you think the game might be close then it’d be smart to pay the juice and take your team on the moneyline rather then the point spread. Underdogs are good on the moneyline when you see a small dog that you think has a chance to win the game, as the payout would be better.

· Toronto Raptors +117 vs. Boston Celtics –113

On a moneyline bet in the NBA the team you pick only needs to win the game by a single point so you only need to worry about the odds. In the example above the Celtics are small favourites, which you can identify by the (-) in front of the odds. A $113 bet on the Celtics would pay $100 while a $100 bet on the Raptors would pay $117. As you can see you need to pay juice if you want to take the Celtics and you receive + money if you take the underdog Raptors.

NBA Point Spread Odds

Point spread odds are read the same way as the moneyline odds above except for one additional number, which indicates the actual point spread in the game. In this type of bet you need to pick the favoured to team to win the game by the predetermined point spread set in place by your bookie or bet on the underdog not to lose by more points then allowed by the point spread. I’m going to show you a quick example of an NBA point spread bet below.

· Toronto Raptors +7.5 –110 vs. Boston Celtics –7.5 –110

In order to win $100 you’d need to bet $110 on either team since the odds are the same. The Celtics are the favoured team and need to win the game by at least 8 points to win the point spread bet. If you take Toronto then you’ll win the bet as long as the Raptors don’t lose the game by more then 7 points. The juice is typically a lot lower when you bet the point spread compared to the moneyline in the NBA unless you plan on betting underdogs.

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