NFL Betting Odds

Before anyone can begin placing wagers on the NFL it’s important that you know how to read the odds of a couple different types of bets. You need to be able to understand moneyline odds and point spread odds in the NFL or else you’re not going to be able to get very far in this sport. We’re going to first take a look at how to read moneyline odds, which is important if you’re betting on the moneyline in a football game rather then the spread.

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NFL Moneyline Odds

· Tennessee Titans –180 vs. Denver Broncos +135

In a moneyline bet you don’t need to worry about any spreads, as you just need to pick the team that you think is going to win the game outright. In this case the Titans are favoured (-) and the Broncos are the underdog (+), which means you need to bet a lot of juice if you want to pick the Titans whereas if you bet on the Broncos you’ll win +money on your wager. In the game above you’d need to wager $180 on Tennessee to win $100, but if you wagered just $100 on the Broncos you’d have the chance to win $135.

NFL Point Spread Odds

· Pittsburgh Steelers –6.5 (-110) vs. Dallas Cowboys +6.5 (-110)

When you bet on the point spread you need to decide whether or not the favoured team will win by the predetermined spread set by the sportbooks. In the example above the Steelers are –6.5-point favourites over the Cowboys, so it’s your job to decide whether or not the Steelers will win the game by 7 or more points. If you think Pittsburgh wins by over 7 then you’d bet them, but if you think Dallas keeps the game close, you’d pick the Cowboys not to lose by more then 6 points. The reason why books set a point spread is to make the game fair based on the two teams playing, which is why the odds are often set at –110 for both teams.

All of the other type of bets in the NFL will have odds listed the same as above. For instance, if you’re looking to bet on whether or not a game will go over or under the posted total you’d see something similar to what I’ve posted below.

· New York Jets vs. New York Giants – Over 45.5 –110 / Under 45.5 Points +105

The reason why the odds may be slightly different is because of the action the book has received. If the bookie gets a lot of action on the over then they need to either change the total or the odds on the wager. By giving bettors +money on the under, many people will take the better odds without even thinking about whether or not the bookie is trapping them.

Now that you know how to read NFL odds, it’s time to read over a few of our NFL sportsbook reviews so that you can start wagering effortlessly online.