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Bingo Began as a Social Game as Much as it was a Gambling Game

Bingo began as more of a social game than a gambling game if you get right down to it. Don’t get me wrong, the bigger the jackpots the better and we all hope for the day we win one, and never stop talking about the day we were on for one.

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But bingo’s more than just the game, it’s where we go to visit with our friends, to talk about the kids, the grandkids, the pets, the neighbors, the price of milk and whatever else is going on in life.

Sometimes, the men come with the ladies, other times; the men come in search of the ladies.

Remember mother daughter day at your local bingo hall? The day when you got to show off your little girl to all your bingo buddies? If your local bingo hall offers a mom n daughter’s bingo game, I’m sure the day comes to mind.

Online Bingo Gets Social with Live Webcam Bingo Sites

The Netherlands initially brought us the first ever web cam bingo site in 2010. Live webcam bingo sites are a pretty cool concept actually. At bingo sites like users login to play bingo the same way that they would at any online bingo site.

There’s a chat box, and bingo cards that you can daub manually, or let the computer daub for you, and there’s a pretty unique twist, there’s a live webcam option.

While you’re playing bingo online, which really is a social game, you can not only chat with other bingo players, you can see them as well.

Using the Live Web Cam Chat Room

Once you enter a bingo room at one of the live webcam bingo sites such as Bingo Cams you will find useful chat room information toward the upper right hand side of your screen.

In addition to the number of bingo buddies you have online, as well as the number of bingo players with live webcams you’ll also be able to choose your settings, for instance, you can opt out of private chat requests, and ‘live-win-moments’.

Players with the best ‘live win moments’ are often awarded prizes as part of promotions at BingoCams, sometimes they wear costumes, and do other goofy and entertaining things, since it’s a live webcam bingo site, it’s kind of a big deal.

Bingo Cam’s is a family friendly bingo community, so if you had any other idea for those webcams, you’re looking into the wrong sort of hobby.

Live Webcam Bingo Site Chat Games

Webcam bingo sites offer chat games just like all other bingo sites do wherein players can earn free bingo bucks to buy bingo cards with. At current we don’t know of any chat games that involve the camera itself, so even players without webcams running can participate in the chat games.

Celebrity Chat Hosts at Live Bingo Sites

One of the fun and exciting things about using live webcams on online bingo sites is that with the ability to see each other while you daub those bingo cards, the bingo room can invite celebrities to come and play live with its players as a marketing tool.

Of course the bingo sites were always free to invite celebs, and could give them a different color font in the chat window, and promote the event, but did the bingo players ever really KNOW that they were playing bingo with a celebrity? When you can’t see the celeb, you always have that lingering doubt that you’re playing with a press representative or some other fake person imitating the celeb. has invited Frankie Essex, Chloe Sims, and Billie Faiers to join them as celebrity chat hosts in the past. Players have been able to chat with the celebrity bingo chat hosts, as well play bingo, and enjoy bigger jackpots during the game do to the illustrious events. For instance, in honor of the celebrity chat hosts, Bingo Cams featured £1000 jackpots!

Free Bingo at Live Webcam Bingo Sites

Most online bingo sites offer free bingo cash to new players at the site! Live webcam bingo sites are no different, for instance, Bingo Cams offers all new players a £5 Free Sign-Up Bonus just for signing up at the site and trying out the software.

Free Bingo Rooms.. That pay REAL Cash Prizes!

In addition to the free sign up bonus, Bingo Cams offers new players a free bingo room where they can play bingo without even having ever made a deposit at the site, and win real money prizes. On top of that, loyal status players have a shot at winning £500 free each week!

Bingo Bonuses at Live Webcam Bingo Sites

The first bonus available to new players at most bingo sites, be they live webcam sites or just your everyday online bingo hall is as is the case with the free sign up bonus. In the case of Bingo Cams, the live webcam bingo site for the United Kingdom, every player that signs up for an account gets £5.

Bingo Cams 1st Deposit Bonus

That’s the smallest bonus the site offers though in the whole realm of things. Players that actually play real money bingo on the site, and choose to make their first deposit are entitled to a first time deposit bonus of 200% up to £100.

So breaking that down for those of us who aren’t really into the math of it all, if you deposit just £50 your account balance will actually be £100.

Reload Bonuses at Live Webcam Bingo Sites

In the future, if you still want to play bingo at Bingo Cams, and undoubtedly, after you participate in the silliness offered by the other players on webcam u will want to keep on playing, Bingo Cams offers a reload bonus of 50% up to £125.

So for every £125 you deposit, you get £92.5 free, for a total of £187.5. If you’re budget is smaller, the bingo site accepts deposits as low as £25, so you’d get £12.50 on top of the £25 deposit you made for a total of £37.5 to play bingo with.

Loyalty Program at Bingo Cams

Bingo Cams also offers all players free entry into their loyalty program. The more you play bingo at the site, the more points you earn. As you earn those points you gain status at the site and are then offered increased deposit bonuses and better prizes and incentives.

15% Live Win Moment Bonus

You can opt out of sharing your live win moments with the other players at Bingo Cams, however, they are fun to see! So if you choose to share your live win moments, then you’ll get an extra 15% on full house winnings in exchange! When the box pops up asking permission to share, all you have to do is say YES!

£1,000 Monthly Live Win Moment at Bingo Cams

Some players where silly glasses, others wear costumes, whatever it is you do to make the other players Laugh Out Loud during your win moment, the funniest one gets a free £1000 each month.
In addition to that 2 other randomly selected players who shared their win moments will win £500 each month.

No Live Bingo Cam Sites in the USA

United States bingo players are blocked by IP when even trying to visit or check out Bingo Cams from America; much like Muslims from some countries are blocked by their Government. There is some legislature in the works in Nevada that might bring some legalized online gambling back to the states, but Barney Frank, long-time supporter of the freedom to gamble online doesn’t think it’s going to work out this session.

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