New Online Sportsbooks

Online sports betting is nothing new for most of us, as it has been available since the mid-nineties. There are about a dozen online sportsbooks that dominate the market, but there are hundreds of betting sites out there. Most of the betting sites out there you will never even hear about and that’s simply because they’re not as safe as the licensed bookmakers. When it comes down to betting online you want to make sure you’re betting with a sportsbook that’s licensed since they need to abide by a set of regulations.

New online sportsbooks open regularly, but they aren’t marketed to casual bettors because they’re unaccountable. The world of betting on sports can be very fun, but you should only trust the companies that have been around a long time. Sportsbooks build up their reputation by making prompt payouts and offering the best odds on major events, which takes years to acquire. New online sportsbooks have nothing to lose and if you win a lot of money there is a huge chance you won’t be paid out your money.

European & UK Sportsbooks

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Bet365 isn’t a new online sportsbook by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re the best bookmaker for those of you that want to bet on popular European sports. Bet365 owns lots of betting shops in the UK and it’s one of the few sportsbooks that you know isn’t going anywhere. They have been paying out millions of dollars to winning sports bettors for years and your money will be safe if you decide to bet at the Bet365 Sportsbook. Bet365 also have all of the features that new online sportsbooks offer including live betting and mobile betting.

USA Sportsbooks

BetOnline is the best US sportsbook and they’ve been a great betting shop for a very long time. Many of the biggest online sports bettors use BetOnline exclusively because they have odds on every event and very high betting limits. Most sportsbooks can’t even come close to the limits offered by BetOnline and you don’t need to worry about being limited. This bookmakers receives plenty of high limit action everyday and they don’t need to limit players like most of the smaller new online sportsbooks have to do.

One of the biggest problems with sports betting is that winning bettors get limited at most betting shops fairly quickly. If you aren’t making the bookmaker money they usually don’t keep you very long. This can become a huge hassle because you always need to switch between new online sportsbooks and deal with all of the hassles that come along with switching sportsbooks. The two bookmakers above are excellent long-term online sportsbooks, which means you won’t need to worry about switching all the time.

The sportsbook industry is also having lots of processing issues in recent years, which makes it harder to send and receive money from the various sportsbooks. Bet365 and Betonline are two of the fastest paying sportsbooks right now and they aren’t having nearly as many processing issues as most of the smaller sportsbooks are having.