Live Dealer Poker

Online poker is played by millions of people, but there are some people out there that don’t enjoy being dealt cards from a random number generator. If you’re like a lot of poker players out there you may find it hard to believe how random some of the random number generators really are, as on most poker sites there seem to be a ton of low percentage bad beats. Almost every poker site uses a RNG to deal out the cards at the poker tables, but there are now a few places where you can play online poker with real dealers dealing out the cards.

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Several land-based casinos have started running online poker games using real dealers at the poker tables in their casino. Players gather online at the poker table and play against each other while the dealer deals out the cards. When you play live dealer poker there is a small webcam feed where you get to watch the dealer deal out the cards to everyone. There will also be a slightly bigger screen that displays your cards and the community cards once they’re flipped over. You won’t be able to see anyone else’s cards through the webcam feed, which ensures that the poker game is completely fair.

Currently live dealer poker games are still under the radar, which is probably a good thing since most of the live online poker sites are limited in the number of tables they can run at any given time since they need real dealers at the tables. What I like about live dealer poker games is that you don’t need to always be guessing about whether or not you’re being treated fairly. Since you get to see the cards being dealt live through a webcam it’s like playing in an actual poker room other then the fact that you get to play wherever you want.

One of the only downfalls about playing online poker with real dealers is that the hands take longer to play. There is a time limit on the amount of time a player has to bet, but there is going to be extra time needed to shuffle/deal cards. If you’re use to putting in 100’s of hands per hour while grinding the Full Tilt Poker tables you’re no longer going to be able to do that with a live dealer game. Typically the live dealer poker sites attract casual players that enjoy playing poker, but can’t always make it out to a casino or poker room where they can play.

As technology continues to get better I’m sure it won’t be long before we see more poker sites opening up with live dealer instead of using RNG’s. There is a huge amount of poker players that prefer playing with real dealers and that number will only continue to grow as time passes. Live online poker is still in its infancy, but within the next few years it wouldn’t surprise me if we see a lot more poker games using live webcam feeds.