Online Bingo Sites with Slot Machines

One of the most popular ways to pass time between games at online bingo sites are the slot machines that some bingo sites offer as side games.

Sure there are chat games available during peak hours at most online bingo sites, but there’s just nothing like the whirrrrr of an online slot to keep your brain busy while you wait for the methodic sound of the bingo callers voice to start calling out numbers again.

Bingo with Slots on the Side at Bet365

Bet356 Bingo offers players 37 different slot games to pass the time between games with, in addition to online scratch cards and some really exciting multi-player games.

The bingo site offers new players £25 in free bingo money when the player makes a first time deposit of at least £5 in addition to an amazing selection of slot machines that feature bonuses, and jackpots.

Bet365 Bingo Gives Slots Players Cash Back for Playing

Bet365 offers players a VIP program that is made up of 4 tiers, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Every week, on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, all players are invited to spin the wheels of their favorite slots at Bet365 Bingo.

If the player doesn’t win at the slots, then the bingo site will give some of the money back to the bingo player so that they can take the slot for another spin. Players can be reimbursed up to £25 per week.

The cash-back program at Bet365 is based on the VIP program; cash back is paid as follows:

Bingo Sites VIP Levels

Platinum 25%
Gold 20%
Silver 15%
Bronze 10%

Bingo with Slots on the Side at Xbingo

Another of the more popular bingo sites that with slots games is Xbingo. Not only does the bingo site feature both 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms, they offer quite the variety of online slots to play on the side.

The bingo sites slots games are divided into the following sections:

    Cheeky Slots
    Adventure Slots
    Cute Slots
    Fantasy Slots

Xbingo doesn’t just offer bingo players slots to play on the side though, there’s a whole variety of table games for slots players to check out either while having their cards auto-daubed, or while they’re waiting for the next game to start.

Table Games at xBingo

    Double Spin Roulette
    3 Wheel Roulette
    Table Blackjack
    Multi-hand Blackjack
    Deuces Wild Power Poker
    Cyberstud Poker

Winning at Bingo Sites Slots

There are some things that make a big difference in whether you win or lose when you’re playing slots anywhere, including at your favorite bingo sites.

Max out the bingo sites slot bonus

Whenever the bingo site offers a deposit bonus, max it out as best you can. If the bonus is a 200% deposit bonus like the one at xBingo, then make the biggest deposit you can make, and get your money doubled right away. That’s just common sense right. If you can only afford to make the minimum £25 deposit, and get £50 for your first time bonus to take to the bingo sites slot machines, and bingo rooms, well that’s fine as well but whatever it is, max it out as much as you can.

Always bet the Maximum

No matter which machine you choose, bet every line, and bet the maximum. In most cases, you don’t even qualify to win the big bonuses you’re yearning for if you’re not maxing bets on your slot machine. You’re simply feeding the machine for the big win someone else at the bingo site’s going to win.

I’m not saying here that you should bet millions, by all means, bet within your budget. However, it’s better to play a penny slot at max, then a nickel slot machine at less than max.

Furthermore, you really are wasting your cash if you’re not at the very very least betting on every line the machine pays. If you don’t want to pay to bet on 240 lines, look for a 5 line, 3 line, or maybe a 9 line machine. But if the machine has 20 lines, you need to be betting on 20 lines, max if possible.

Play within a Budget

Whether it’s bingo, or slots at bingo sites with slots, or the table games, scratch tickets, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you’re gambling on, set a budget and stick to it. If you blow the budget, and still feel like playing, walk outside onto your porch, spend a couple minutes out there breathing fresh air and make sure that’s still the plan. Usually, if you’ve gone plum crazy, the fresh air will clear your head, if not, you’ll have had that moment away from the slots to reanalyze your budget.

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