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Bingo was introduced in Germany back in the 19th century, but it has never really become that popular. A lot of countries in Europe love playing bingo, but the Germans never really started playing bingo that much. Initially bingo was a game that was only played by school children, as it provided a fun way for them to learn. Adults eventually started playing bingo for real money and fun in the middle of the nineteenth century, but it didn’t catch on with the adults and that’s why you won’t find very many bingo halls in Germany.

Playing online bingo in Germany is legal, but the country doesn’t actually regulate online bingo and therefore you need to play with a bingo site outside of the country. Germany has tried blocking all real money gambling sites in the country in the past, but this hasn’t worked and it’s actually against EU laws. Many bingo sites have entered the German market in the past few years and some of them are even offered in the German language.

Operating an online bingo room in Germany is actually against the current laws in the country, but since none of the online bingo sites operate in Germany they don’t need to follow the laws. Germany actually tried bringing online gambling sites to court in the past, but it quickly backfired, as they lost the case. It shouldn’t take more than a few more years before Germany starts cracking to the pressure from the European Union and make online bingo completely legal in the country.

There really aren’t that many bingo players in Germany, as most of the gamblers in the country prefer playing skill games such as poker. For the bingo players that do live in Germany it’s important to have a regulated industry, so you don’t need to worry about joining an unsafe bingo site that has a bad reputation. For now you can join any of the bingo sites we recommend to German players on this page, as they’re completely safe.

You’ll be able to play online bingo in Euros on most of the online bingo sites that accept Germans although there are a few that only support $USD on their bingo software. Germany isn’t well-known for having a large population of bingo players, but that hasn’t stopped players from finding a way to play online.

Germans will need to use a deposit method that works in the country and most residents have an e-wallet account that they use. Your Visa, MasterCard or other credit card won’t work when depositing into the majority of online bingo sites when you live in Germany, as the banks have blocked the transactions from taking place.

When you start playing online bingo at a site that accepts Germans you’ll be able to take advantage of lots of perks such as free money, free bonuses and plenty of promotions. In the few bingo halls in Germany you won’t receive any perks and that’s why the majority of Germans play at online bingo sites located outside of the country.


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