MLB Betting Odds

If you’re completely new to betting on baseball and you’ve never seen what a wager looks like before we’re going to show you exactly how to read MLB odds. Betting on baseball has become a hobby and in some cases a career for thousands of people around the world although most MLB handicappers reside in the United States. Once you’ve learned how to read the odds below you can begin betting with one of the sportbooks we’ve recommended.

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MLB Moneyline Odds

If you’re betting on MLB with a sportsbook focusing on the US market then you’re going to see odds represented by a number over 100 with a – or + in front of the number. If the odds have a – sign then the team is favoured and if the odds have a + sign then the team is an underdog. When you bet on a favoured team you need to pay juice on the wager whereas if you’re betting on the underdog you’ll receive + money on the bet.

· Toronto Blue Jays +174 vs. New York Yankees –220

In the above match-up the Yankees are heavily favoured over the Blue Jays and you’d be risking a lot of juice on them. To win $100 on the Yanks you’d need to bet $220 whereas if you simply bet $100 on the Jays you’d win $174. As you can see the odds are easily turned into $ amounts so you can figure out how much you need to bet to make the amount of money you’re trying to make. The odds don’t change for any of the other types of bets in MLB so once you understand what I’ve written above you’re ready to go.

MLB Runline Odds

With a runline bet in baseball you have the option of betting on a team to win by more then –1.5 runs or not to lose by more then +1.5 runs although some sportbooks also offer other runline spreads as well such as –2, -2.5 and –3. The moneyline odds explained above are used for runline bets, but in case you’re confused I’ve posted a quick example below.

· Toronto Blue Jays +1.5 –110 vs. New York Yankees –1.5 –140

If you look at the first example and then the example above you’ll notice that the odds have changed considerably. If you bet the Yankees to win by 2 or more runs then you only need to bet $140 to win $100 rather then the $220 you’d need to bet in the first example where they just need to win the game. Runline bets are great for betting favourites because you’re able to lower the juice you risk.

Betting on baseball is really simple and as you can see reading the odds on American sportbooks is really easy. If you’re betting with a European sportsbook then you’ll notice that the odds are posted differently, but they still mean the exact same thing. European bookies typically use fraction odds rather then the odds posted above.

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