Webcam Casinos

Webcam casinos are still relatively new in the industry and the majority of online casinos still don’t offer webcam casino games. If you landed on this page chances are you want to learn more about webcam casinos. When people play in a regular online casino the games are built using flash or java in most cases and everything is randomized using a random number generator. Online casinos are always audited to make sure that their RNG’s are fair and working properly, but many casino players still don’t like playing casino games unless there is a real dealer involved. Webcam casinos are also known as live dealer casinos.

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How Do Webcam Casinos Work

The first thing that most people are curious about is how exactly do webcam casinos work. Webcam casinos offer games with real live dealers that make playing online the same as playing in a real casino. Each game will have a small square with a live webcam feed that you can view in real-time while playing. In the webcam feed you’ll be able to watch the dealers do everything, which means that you can personally ensure every casino game is fair.

What Casino Games Can I Play at Webcam Casinos

Developing webcam casino games isn’t very easy and so far there aren’t that many games that you can play. Thankfully, all of the most popular casino games can be played in webcam casinos including webcam blackjack, web-cam roulette, sic bo and also baccarat on live cam. All of the webcam casino games will be multiplayer games that you get to play with other people in the casino. Most webcam casinos not only offer webcam feeds of the dealers, but the casinos are also hooked up with audio. If you have a microphone you’ll be able to talk with the dealer and other players at your table although even if you don’t have a microphone you can still type in the chat.

Webcam Casino Features

Webcam casinos are going to eventually take over the online casino industry once more casinos offer these games. It costs the casino more money because they need to hire dealers to work the tables 24/7. Webcam casino games typically have higher minimum bets than other RNG casino games because of the added costs of running a webcam casino. If you plan on betting a $1 per hand of blackjack you won’t be able to play on any webcam blackjack games.

If you live the social aspect of gambling in a casino then you’re going to love webcam casinos. There is always a chat system that players can use to talk with the dealer and other players, which makes playing the casino games more entertaining than simply playing the games by yourself. Many online casinos actually run their live dealer games in real land-based casinos although other casinos run their webcam games from their own establishments.

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Webcam casinos offer the thrill and excitement that you’re used to in land-based casinos, but you don’t need to get up off of your couch to start playing. More and more webcam casinos will be opening in the next few years and I’m sure that there will also be more webcam casino games to play in the future.