Western Union Sportsbooks

Western Union sportsbooks are not very common these days. They work with a wide range of online poker rooms and casinos, but very few sportsbooks. Western Union is a fast and secure method for sending medium to large amounts of money around the world. European sports bettors have plenty of options to choose from when funding their accounts so Western Union is not used that often. With this in mind I have added a section about Western Union alternatives that are accepted at U.S. sportsbooks.

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How Western Union Works

Western Union is a money transfer service that was founded in 1851. When someone needs to send money to another person or a company Western Union will take the money at one location and allow the recipient to pick the money up at another location almost instantly. Western Union makes money by charging a small fee to use their service. There are a few ways to submit a Western Union money transfer. The most common is to visit a Western Union approved agent and either use cash or a credit card to initiate the transfer. Western Union operates in over 200 countries and territories around the world. There are around 125,000 Western Union locations world-wide so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one.

You can also visit the Western Union web site and setup a money transfer online. This is the fastest and easiest method. There are many ways to pay for a transfer when it is done online. These options include credit cards, debit cards and electronic fund transfers. The final method is to do everything on the telephone. Western Union has support personnel available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The fee for a Western Union money transfer is based on the amount sent. It usually isn’t much and the top Western Union sportsbook covers this fee for you. Western Union allows you to track your money transfer so you will know exactly when the sportsbook has picked up the money.

European Sportsbooks That Accept Western Union

The only major online sportsbook that accepts Western Union deposits is Ladbrokes. This is a non-U.S. sportsbook, yet they are one of the largest in the world. The minimum amount that you can deposit at this sportsbook using Western Union is £10. The entire deposit process can take 1-5 days. Ladbrokes has over 15,000 employees and is a household name in the United Kingdom and many other European countries. You can gamble many different ways at Ladbrokes. There is sports betting, horse race betting, poker, casino gambling, bingo, skill games, for-ex, lotteries and more.

U.S. Sportsbook Deposit Options

Online sportsbooks that accept wagers from U.S. citizens do not accept Western Union deposits at this time. If you have cash, a credit card or a checking account you will be able to fund your sportsbook account without too much trouble. I will provide a list of deposit options for each one of these as well as the sportsbook that you can use each option at.

Cash – U.S. sports bettors that only want to use cash to fund their sportsbook account have a fairly reliable and easy option. Cash is perfect for sports betting fans that do not want their wagers to be connected to their bank accounts or credit cards. This gives you the ultimate level of privacy. To use cash to fund your Sportsbook.com, Bodog or Bookmaker account you can visit any one of hundreds of thousands of retailers that sell pre-paid visa cards. Once you have bought a gift card you can try to deposit with it directly. Some of the companies that issue these cards have gambling restrictions. If your Visa card does not work for a direct deposit you can use it to deposit money through several options detailed below.

Credit & Debit Cards – U.S. sportsbooks currently accept Visa cards. It can be a debit or credit card. This method works most of the time, but some of the issuing banks restrict online gambling purchases. If you have an AMEX, Mastercard or Diners Club Card you will have to use an alternative method because sportsbooks no longer accept these methods. You can use any of these cards to buy a pre-paid Visa as I already explained. You can also signup for a MyPayLinQ, Digital Pin, EcoCard or iPoint. Some of these are e-wallets much like Paypal and others allow you to buy pre-paid phone cards and transfer their worth to your betting account. Bodog accepts MyPayLinQ and Digital Pin. BookMaker accepts iPoint and Sportsbook.com accepts EcoCard.

U.S. Checking Account – If you have a U.S. checking account and want to use it to fund your sportsbook account there are several ways to do so. At Bodog you can use your checking account to fund a MyPayLinQ account via several different methods including bank transfers, electronic checks and Moneygram. At Sportsbook.com you can use your checking account to create an Ecocard account. Ecocard accepts bank wires and direct bank transfers from U.S. checking accounts. At BookMaker you can send them a bank wire or paper check directly from your checking account.