US Open Golf Betting

The US Open is a golf tournament that has been around for over one hundred years now, as the tournament was first played all the way back in 1895. Today the US Open is the 2nd major golf tournament on the schedule during the golf season and attracts the best players from around the world. Only 156 golfers get to enter the US Open every year either by automatically receiving entry or by qualifying for the tournament.

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Every year the US Open is played on a different course, which only makes playing in the event that much harder. Since the course is always changing golfers don’t have any time to prepare for the course. The US Open is always one of the most difficult courses to play on every year and typically it’s one of the longest courses as well. It isn’t that uncommon to see a golfer win with a score around par in the US Open due to the difficulty of the course and the fact golfers don’t get to play on the course before the event.

With the US Open being one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the United States there is a lot of pressure on golfers from the USA to perform well in the tournament. Golfers from the United States have won the US Open the majority of the time throughout history, but over the past five years we’ve seen a lot of international winners. A golfer that’s from a country other then the USA has won the US Open 5 out of the past 7 times.

US Open Bets

· You can bet on the golfer you think will outright win the US Open before it even starts if you want to receive the best odds on your bet. If you don’t mind a smaller payout with a better chance of winning your bet, you should bet on the golfer you think is going to win a single round of the US Open rather then the entire tournament.

· Sportbooks will set-up groups of golfers in a match-up bet, which is the same as the bet above except you only need to pick the golfer you think will finish the best in the group rather then the entire field. The more golfers in the group the higher the payouts you’ll receive on your bet.

· You can also find various prop bets online for the US Open. These bets are fun to wager on because they add excitement to the tournament, but don’t get carried away with prop bets because it’s hard to win consistently.

US Open Tips

For the past eight years, a different golfer has won the US Open every year. It’s really hard to win the US Open multiple times and you won’t see golfers dominating this event like you do with some of the other major events. The best way to try and predict how golfers will do in the US Open is by examining the course that they’ll be playing on. You need to try and find similar courses so that you can check out recent results of the golfers you want to bet on. If the golfer has done well on the type of course that the US Open is going to be played on then they’ll have a great chance of doing better then most of the other golfers.