US Masters Betting

The US Masters is one of the most talked about golf tournaments of the years. One of the reasons is due to the fact that it’s the first major golf tournament of the year, so everyone talks about it during the months leading up to the tournament since there isn’t any other major golf going on. The US Masters was first played in 1931, but back then it wasn’t a major tournament. It didn’t evolve into one of the biggest golf events of the year for a few decades.

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One of the unique facts about the US Masters is that players receive a coveted green jacket for winning the tournament rather then receiving a trophy like in every other event. Since it’s the only tournament that rewards players with a jacket every golfer wants to win one green jacket in their career, which means that the action is always intense.

The US Masters is also the only major golf event that is held at the same course every year. The tournament is held at the Augusta National Golf Club every single year in Georgia. It’s one of the most recognized golf courses in the United States and it’s even well known around the world amongst golf fans. Only 93 golfers take part in the Masters every year and this makes the tournament have the smallest playing field out of all of the major tournaments.

US Masters Bets

· Handicappers can bet on the golfer that they think will win the US Masters tournament before it begins. This is known as a futures bet and every sportsbook will allow it. You can also bet on single rounds of the US Masters with a few of the bigger sportbooks.

· If you want to increase your chances of winning your bets then you may want to look at betting on match-up bets between 2-6 golfers. Sportbooks will group together a couple golfers and you need to decide which golfer will have the better round.

· Sportbooks will also create exotic bets for the US Masters, but if you’re trying to make money I’d avoid these types of bets since they only eat up your bankroll in the long run.

US Masters Betting Tips

Over the past 10 years Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have dominated the US Masters. Both golfers have won the tournament 3 times since 2001, but there have been some new younger golfers in the mix lately. From 2007-2009 a player won the Masters for the 1st time in their career. Those players were Angel Cabrera, Zach Johnson and Trevor Immelman. With all of the new young talent in golf right now you can’t always rely on the veterans of the sport.

With the Masters being the first major tournament of the year the veteran players often have an advantage because of their experience. The older players are also fresh since it’s the beginning of the golfing year, so the younger players don’t have the advantage of having more endurance then the older players since it’s so early into the season.