British Open Betting

The British Open also known as just The Open is the oldest major golf tournament out of the four majors. The first time the event was played was in 1860 in Scotland and it has since become one of the bigger golf tournaments in the world. The British Open is played every single year on the 3rd Friday of July although the course that the tournament is played on changes. There are a total of nine different golf courses throughout Scotland and England where the British Open is played.

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Last year there was a prize pool of over $5 million USD for the top finishers in the tournament with 1st place receiving over $1 million of the prize pool. With so much money on the line every golfer brings their best game and it ensures that there is always tons of great action at the tournament. Golfers are typically in the best form of the season when the British Open rolls around, which is another reason why the golfing is always so superb.

It isn’t uncommon for the winner of the British Open to need to have a score of 10 under par or better. Last year the winner of the event finished 16 under par and this was on the St. Andrews Golf Course, which isn’t known for being easy. A golfer from the USA has won the British Open 11 of the last 15 years, which is surprising considering the fact that most golfers in the USA have trouble dealing with the different style of course and weather.

The British Open is the only major golf tournament that is held outside of the United States every year. For those of you that want to try your luck betting on the British Open it’s important that you learn the different types of bets, which we’re going to take a look at quickly right now.

British Open Bets

· There are a few ways to bet on the British Open including betting on the golfer you think will win the tournament. You can also wager on the golfer you think will win each round or score the best round.

· There are dozens of match-up bets that are typically head-to-head match-ups where you need to pick the golfer you think will finish higher. This is the easiest way to win money betting on the British Open, but don’t expect to get rich since the odds will be near even money.

· The final way to bet on the British Open is by betting on parlays or prop bets. Parlays are bets with more then one outcome on the same ticket. Prop bets come in all different types, but common prop bets are betting on the golfer you think will have the longest drive or whether there will be a hole-in-one throughout the tournament.

Betting on the British Open is extremely easy and there are a few ways to get action on the event. There are plenty of sites that cover the British Open and you aren’t going to have a problem finding information that’ll help you handicap the tournament.