Webcam Blackjack

You’ve probably noticed that more and more online casinos have been beginning to offer live webcam casino games. One of the most popular live webcam casino games is blackjack, as it’s popular all around the world. If you want to learn how to play live dealer blackjack games online from your computer you should read through our comprehensive guide.

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What is Webcam Blackjack?

If you’ve ever played in a real money online casino in the past you’ll know that blackjack games are played against virtual dealers and use a RNG to make sure that every blackjack hand is random. Winning in these blackjack games is very hard because in most cases the deck is shuffled every hand. Online casinos now offer blackjack games that use real life dealers and players can watch the game being played through a live webcam.

Playing webcam blackjack in an online casino is the same as playing in a real casino except you don’t actually need to be in a real casino to play blackjack. The dealer will shuffle the cards in front of the webcam and then deal out the cards on a blackjack table that you can view from the webcam feed. The players in the blackjack game take turns acting on their hand and then the dealer plays out their hand and pays out any winnings.

Where to Play Webcam Blackjack

The two best options for playing webcam blackjack include and Bet365. Both casinos offer live webcam blackjack and the tables are open 24/7 with real dealers working the tables. If you live in the United States you’ll need to play blackjack at the Casino since Bet365 doesn’t accept Americans. The dealers at are my favourite, as they’re very talkative and keep the games entertaining.

The minimum bet in most webcam blackjack games is $5, but this changes based on the volume of players in the casino. Since a real dealer needs to run each table the minimum bet is the same, as you would see in a land-based casino. Both of the casinos above have excellent payment options and have a great reputation in the industry.

If you’re tired of worrying about whether or not the online blackjack games are random you should try out a webcam blackjack game at one of the two online casinos listed above. You can watch the entire game being played live and you’ll feel like you’re playing blackjack in a real casino. Most live dealer blackjack games run very quickly and you need to be prepared to play your hand as soon as it’s your turn or you might find that you’re running out of time a lot, which can be a huge hassle.

All of the serious blackjack players have already switched to the webcam blackjack games and if you’re still playing RNG blackjack games you need to switch now. In webcam blackjack games you get to play with other people and most online casinos allow you to communicate with the other players with microphones or through a small chat window next to the webcam feed.